You have a website, selling hair extensions and you want to know how to get more visitors. More visitors mean more people that like and will buy your hair extensions. This post will tell you how to get more visitors.
I use a term Marketing expert use but you can forget very fast. Instead of the term, it’s more important you have a strategy in place that works for your goal. To get more visitors to your site.

Okay, the experts talk about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. SEO is the process of improving your website or blog so it attracts more visitors from search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

In simple words, you need a plan to get complete strangers, that are looking for content relevant to hair extensions and beauty from search engines and turn them into new visitors on your website or blog. To make this happen. All you need to do is to understand how somebody is looking for information.
To start, think about how you look for information on the internet. Big chance you open your computer and type in the search bar:

“How to plan to get more visitors to a hair website” or “How to grow the visitors to my hair website”.

The idea of the plan, is to make sure your website, or a special page of your website will show up in the results. If possible ranking number One or Two in Google, because these are the places people click on.

It is good to know; your website does get more visitors than you know. Because the search engines use spiders, to all webpages they know to study the content. If the spider understands where your webpage is about, they will place that in their index. This index, a kind of a library, holds all the relevant content on the internet. This index helps to get more visitors to your website. If you enter a search term in your search bar, they only must check this index. Thus not to go search on all pages on the internet. This gives you very quick a good and relevant search result. This also make it very important to give the spiders info about what you want to tell on your webpage or blog.

Follow the tips to create your plan to get more visitors to your hair website.

Tip One, use the same search terms as your potential clients

Life can be very simple, if you only talk the same language as the people you want to listen to your offer. If you want to sell hair extensions, do not talk to formal, but talk like you would do in your salon. Use the key terms your clients and leads (people interested in the products you offer) will use.

There are several ways to find the keywords your ideal client is using. First, pay attention to this during a conversation about hair with a friend, a client or anybody in the salon.

– What are the returning words they use, but also
– what are the struggles they face and
– what kind of solutions they are looking for?

Use all your skills to get more visitors to your website. Listen, respond plus remember the keywords your partner is using.

Use this information to create an ideal client. The persona that needs the solutions you offer. This ideal client represents the searchers on the internet who will become your website visitors. Leads and hair buying clients. You need to know:
– who they are,
– what their goals and intent are and
– what problems they face buying hair and beauty products.

Tip Two Not everybody is ready to buy hair today

You can get more visitors to your website if you understand at what stage of the buyer’s journey your visitor is. Are they aware they want to do a makeover but they are not sure what and how? In the Awareness stage, there is no need to offer your Full Lace Wigs, but share your creative look on hair and beauty. Prepare a post about “How to look more gorgeous than your best friend! If your ideal client likes what you publish, she will return for your site later.

She will look again at your product offering if she has decided she will go for a different hair style to look awesome. Marketing Experts call this the consideration stage. For this you can add a post about the different kind of solutions you have.
Finally, when she compares the possible hair pieces, she has reached the Decision stage. Now is is time to tell her about the details like shipping, payment and pricing.
Publish on your webpages content that helps your ideal client in every stage of this buyer’s journey. From Awareness to Consideration and Decision.

Need help to find the key terms your Ideal clients, and to get more visitors to your website? Feel free to leave a comment under this post and I will help you.

Tip Three Use variations on the keywords

Your ideal client will use a complete phrase to search the internet, in most cases like asking a friend for advice. So, try to use all kind of variations for a question. People do not look for “Brazilian”, but for “What are the best Brazilian hair extensions”, of “Where can I buy Brazilian hair”. You can get some help from Google if you type a search term like this, google will share with you some alternatives on the page with search results. A great way to get more visitors to your hair extensions business website.

Tip Four Use the search terms on your page to get more visitors

Now you have selected a search term, you need to be sure both the spider, and the visitors will find what they are looking for. Make sure your search term is in the page title. This title will both show on the browser tab for the webpage and as the link to the page in search results on google or Yahoo. Include your [hair extensions store name] as well. A great way to get the attention to your store name is to use a vertical bar to separate the two. First your search term, followed by the company name.
The URL of the page, should include your search term.
Next do include the selected search term in the headers and content. Make sure to use the search term in a natural way on the page. No need to spam your page with the text “Brazilian hair”.
Finally, do not forget to add images and to tell the spiders what’s on the images. Thus, use the search term in the image alt-text. Extra benefit, in the search results of images your page will show up too.

Oh, nearly forgot. Every webpage has a meta description section, do not forget to add your search term in this section too.

Tip Five Relations, relations, relations

Even if you do not have a dating site, your site needs relations. Link with websites that have authority and try to earn links from other websites. Google sees the link of your website to other sites. It will understand it is important to rank you higher because more people are interested in the content. Thus, to get more visitors, you need more links. And it’s not all about links to your website. If you help others to find great content, google will reward you for putting a link to another webpage too.

Good luck with getting more visitors to your website. Leave a comment if you want an overview of search terms for hair extensions stores!