Every day I speak with many girls and women about starting their dream. Your own hair store. Our first contact often is a simple short email. Expressing the intention to start selling hair and the question for support on how to start. The name of the site is well chosen, because most of these ambitious women want to know How To Sell Hair Extensions.

I prefer to continue the chat on WhatsApp, but with some women we chat using email. There is not much difference, but WhatsApp work much more better.

The energy, passion and ideas these girls have is amazing and the main source for my own inspiration. But too often after some weeks, a hurdle pops up.

This month in Kenya we had the elections. The tensions that caused these elections made some people decide to invest the money elsewhere. Or to keep your job. Anything, except to work on your own hair store.
There was also some sad news, two people diagnosed with cancer had to focus all their energy to fight this awful disease. I promised them to pray for them, and I hope the idea of their own hair store in the future will help them to keep on fighting. It’s my dream to keep contact with all for many years to come. So, the day they will be ready to start their own hair store I will be there for them.

There were also girls who got pregnant, or who started a new job. Good and great reasons to put their dreams for their own hair business on hold for some time.

But sometimes there are too many hurdles before somebody can start a hair business. Your plans can change due to circumstances you did not foresee when you started to make your dream to come true.

My advice is whatever happens please not to forget your dream to start your own hair store. Keep on thinking about this dream. Rethink on how to make your business better, design the business in your head. Give the creative part of your mind all the time to make your own hair store perfect. And when the day comes you have the time and resources, you and I will make it happen. I will support you with business and marketing advice and the best hair in my new shop anytime when you are ready for it.

Have a nice Sunday!