You are used to enjoy the fast and easy communication using WhatsApp with your Chinese Hair Suppliers. Communicate regardless the time difference with your Hair Suppliers. Or contact new suppliers and share images and quotes. As mentioned in many online news sites, the Chinese Government is blocking WhatsApp. Because more western platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. are blocked or will soon, it is more difficult to communicate with your Chinese Hair Suppliers.

What to do without WhatsApp?

First, it is important to understand why your Chinese suppliers does not respond anymore. Or response less frequently. This is most likely because of this restriction by the Chinese Government. Do not panic or fear you will not be able to get the hair anymore. Better to share an email and to ask about their experience with WhatsApp.

You can use email to communicate, not as easy as Whats App, but you can use email to keep the line open with your Chinese hair suppliers.

Alternative WeChat

All your Chinese Hair Suppliers are using WeChat. WeChat is the Chinese alternative platform but has many more features and is easy to download and activate. It will use the phone numbers already stored on your phone with WeChat connection. So, no need to key in all these numbers.

WeChat can, like WhatsApp, be used on your smartphone and desktop. You will not lose contact with your Chinese hair suppliers, and can use WeChat to contact your friends all over the World.

Make money using WeChat

You can use WeChat to contact clients and to use all the free marketing features of WeChat to promote your hair and services.

Learn how to make money with WeChat

WhatsApp is a chat only channel, but with WeChat you get a brand-new marketing Channel. Be ahead of the Competition and turn the restriction of WhatsApp into a profitable opportunity to sell more hair!