Hair start-ups are ambitious, passionate and very busy people. The last few weeks I have experienced this again after we offer more start-ups and resellers access to reliable hair wholesalers.

I prefer to contact you on WhatsApp to have a nice chat about your needs.

Sometimes moment you fire so many questions and ideas about your hair business, it’s difficult for me to reply fast enough. I like this a lot because it shows how eager you are to start selling hair. Sometimes it’s even dangerous because you tell me you are driving! At that kind of moments, I tell you to keep your eyes on the road and to continue later, when you parked your car.
Starting our hair business is fun, but also requires a lot of organization and time management. This will not change once you launched your business and you are in the selling mode, earning your own money.

Especially for you there is a new app, the Shopify app, that allows you to grow and run your hair business right from your phone.
The app itself is built on brand new technology, developed in Shopify’s lab. You will be able to see real time data on how your hair store is performing. Total sales, number of visitors for the day, week or month.

Here comes the magic. You get personalized feed of data-driven insights, suggestions and notifications that will help you to grow your hair business.

Imagine, you are in your way to school, the shopping mall, or your first hair extensions party and you can fulfill orders, update customers profiles and modify products.

You can even add new pictures of happy clients and products. Every moment of the days becomes profitable moment, full of selling hair, happy clients and a larger wallet for yourself!

Yes I want to sell hair extensions on my phone

Let me start selling