This morning when I opened the mailbox I was surprised with the two mails from Derrica. Derrica told me she is a stylist and she want to start selling hair to her clients. A clear win-win situation, because the clients will no longer have to bring their own hair with them. And Derrica is able to broaden her product offering and to make more sales.

She was wondering how much she needs to start this kind of additional business.

You can start with little money, Derrica already has her clients thanks to the stylist business. This will give her the first flow of returning and loyal clients. She will have to talk with them about what kind of hair they buy, how the service is, the pricing and other conditions. By talking about the hair needs of her stylist clients Derrica, will learn more about:
the competition,
their hair and
the service they provide.

All this will help her to start searching for the right hair. Up till now for no more than an extra cup of tea.

Now knowing the kind of hair, she is looking for, she can start with an intelligent search for the hair by contacting hair suppliers. Most of them prefer to chat by WhatsApp and I can provide some names, so again this step is for free. Now only to test the samples of hair she will invest the first money. Some suppliers will be able to offer free samples if the buyer show how serious she is. But to budget a couple of hundreds of dollars would be smart.

With the samples or small orders, she can test the hair and if she was convinced about the supplier and the hair she can even install some hair. This will be a test too, but could also start to generate some pre-sales attention if clients see the hair she is wearing. The business is getting started now!

Im very interested in selling hair i am also a stylist and im trying to find a great way for me and my clients as well for when they want sew ins and things .
So i was wondering how much is it to start something like this ?


Hair Stylist

If your styling clients like the hair, it’s easier to decide to put invest some more money in building a small stock. You can do miracles with between 1 and 3 thousand of dollars. To buy a smart stock with these sizes and textures your clients will most likely buy.

Now the sales to your existing style clients starts to take off, it’s time to consider broadening your horizon. Start to promote your hair on Instagram and Facebook. You can find a lot of free ways to market and sell your hair on social media in our all-in-one hair business package.

Now the investment in the hair stock will rise, but your sales figure will grow too. Use the cash flow to invest in a website of usd 300 to usd 500 and your sales will give you an interesting extra income, month over month.

To get all the support needed to set up a business like this, check our all-in-one hair extensions business package.

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