If you are selling Brazilian curly hair extensions, you might wonder how to get as many people as possible to visit your site. After all, your Brazilian curly hair extensions are the best in town!

Brazilian curly hair extensions

You did your research, and you know what your ideal client is looking for. After you found a wholesale supplier, the next step is to make your ideal clients find your Brazilian curly hair extensions.
It helps to rank high on Google for this search term, or key words: “Brazilian curly hair extensions” but also for your other products.

Google can help for suggestions

Big chance the products relate. Like Brazilian straight hair extensions, Peruvian curly hair extensions and similar hair.
Google will show you the number of search results and this will tell you how many other websites and stores are using the same keywords. The best way to rank higher is to use so called long tailed key words.

You know what your ideal client is looking for and you know how she is using the internet to search for the hair she is looking for. Answer the questions your ideal client has about this hair. In terms of origin, maintenance, styling by models or celebs, etc. Use the key word, but add some more information. This will make the keyword longer. Unless you want to invest a lot of money in paid advertisements, you will never rank high on Brazilian Hair Extensions only. But if you add specific information, you will have a great chance you will end up high for that long tailed word, including Brazilian hair extensions.

Your Ideal Client Profile

Next to the insight you have thanks to your analyses of your ideal client and the mails or apps you receive with questions, you can also check what Google shows as related search results (scroll down on the first page). You can use these suggestions to write about.

Turn Your Website into a high valued resource

People, thus also your ideal client visit Google to find answers. If you write a blog post or article, or special page about for example Brazilian curly hair extensions, think to add the who, the what, the where, the why, the how, the when. Like, “what are Brazilian curly hair extensions”, “how are Brazilian curly hair extensions washed”, etc. By doing this your website or blog becomes a source full of useful insight for your ideal clients. And when they like your expertise and blog, they will buy from you too when they are ready.

Location, location, location

What also helps is to add location to your key words. Even if you sell nationwide, you can still target clients based upon their own hometown. For example, I wrote some specific postings about towns in Kenya and this helped me to get visitors from those places.

So, what about Brazilian curly hair extensions in New York? Or Brazilian curly hair extensions in Silver Spring.

I can help

Share with me the key word (read hair product) you want to rank for in the comments and I would love to share you my suggestions for long tailed key words.