It’s amazing to see how little attention is paid to your most important webpages, your product pages. You are in this business to make people buy your hair. But it seems most time is spent to analyze the left carts or checkout page, to forget your product page.

Basics on to make people buy your hair

Your product page of course has amazing images of the hair, with enough and relevant information to let the visitor decide to buy your hair. But you need more to turn your product page into a sales engine.
You will find 5 ways to increase the conversions, or sales, on your product page.

1.Take way any doubt, add a FAQ section

Many websites do have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, but if your visitor wants to make a sale, you do not want them to leave the product page and check your FAQ page. Better to add a FAQ section on your product page. For inspiration keep record of all the questions you receive by email or over the phone form your clients.

2. Live chat

Help your visitors to make informed buying decisions and add a live chat to your website. You can reduce the doubt of all potential clients, ready to buy your hair, be answering all their questions now they are ready to make a purchase.

A live chat will also show your clients you have a professional business and are ready to support them when they need support.

3. Make the client “touch” the hair

Hair is one of the products people like to touch and to feel before they buy. But online this is not possible, unless you want to share free samples with all your potential clients. Images can help, but a video can help your visitors to decide to buy your hair. People are more likely to buy your hair after they have watched a video. The simplest way to add video’s

4.Allow Customer Reviews

When a visitor has never heard of your hair business and lands on your product page for the first time, two things might come to her mind: 1. “Can I trust this website?” and 2. “Does this product deliver on what it promises?

If you allow Customer reviews, including those who are more critical, you take away most of the doubt new visitors might have. It can be a good custom to contact your clients a few weeks after they bought your hair and ask them for a review.

5. Show You believe in your hair

What’s your return policy? What’s your customer satisfaction policy? Is it hidden away on a separate page for no one to see?

Display your money back guarantee and policy on your product page. If you’re willing to promise your customers that your product is the best, show it. If you put the risk on yourself, and give visitors more confidence, they’ll be more likely to trust you and in turn, purchase your products.

Now make them Buy Your hair

Because every business and their ideal clients is different, there is no one recipe what works best. Better to put in place these changes step by step and test the outcome. Sometimes small adjustments have a significant impact.

Keep record of your adjustments and the sales, and work your way to more sales.