Today on Facebook I received the message from LaTavia. LaTavia told me, I want to start selling hair and what she had to do to start.

It’s always nice to receive this kind of questions. To dream about your own hair store is easy. It allows you to create the perfect store. All kind of hair extensions and wigs, and shelfs full of the best hair and beauty products. A store at a top location, near some fashion stores and with a lot of parking spots.

You offer your clients and visitors a comfortable seat and you show them all the hair you’ve got. And they love them all. They don’t mind the price as long as you will install the hair today! They are so please about the hair, they will recommend all their friends to come to buy your hair extensions.

I want to start selling hair

Wake up! That’s what LaTavia did. Because she understands a dream is great, but to make all this happen you must work, plan and work again. The dream is for the inspiration, it can help to form your goal. If you want to keep the dream alive, you can make a collage. Or your own Pinterest page. Full of beautiful images of great stores, awesome hair and happy clients. While you work to make the dream about “I want to start selling hair” take a look at the images and stay inspired.

Now you must start to work to create a world that looks like the collage or the Pinterest board. Sometimes you have to give in a bit, because the money, time or other reality check will force you to. But try to stay as close as possible to your collage or board.

Happy Clients

I recommend working on the happy clients first. Who are the people that will come to your store and find the hair and beauty products they are looking for. Prepare a special board and collect images of ideal clients. The hair styles they like, the places or events they like to visit or attend. Their social live. Everything to get the right profile of the person that will buy your hair. Use your client as your starting point, collect as much as real data about her (or him).

Social media

This insight you can use to interact with her, to post images or events on Facebook or Instagram they like. This will grow your followers and the number of people aware of your hair brand. Even before you told the world “I want to start selling hair”. If you have such a fine insight of what are the pain points of your clients, or better potential clients, you are one step closer to selling them your hair.

The Hair

The next step will be to share images of hair. Make sure the images are high resolution images and not only show the bundle, but also the hair style after the install. Share a description of the hair and track the response. This information, all you learned about the response on the images of hair will help you to find the best hair supplier for your ideal client.

You see, with some imagination, social media and some fun work you can start the negotiations with hair suppliers about hair, quality, prices and conditions.

Launch Your Business

Now all you need is to show your ideal client you are open for business. Select a name that shows your mission and passion for hair, let there be no doubt you are in this hair business with the interest and needs of your clients first.

100+ hair stores name suggestions to claim right away

Now you can launch your Facebook Business Page and your Instagram account. Tell the world about your hair and do not forget to share postings about the other items your clients are interested in.
Now the interaction will start, you will see when your ideal client becomes a lead of flesh and blood, she might be interested in some other products or hair types too. Now you need to be professional enough to adapt your product offering.

Consider opening a webstore, if you want to see fast results try the 14 days free trial offered by Shopify.

Tell me are you ready to put your dream “I want to start selling hair” into action?
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