Selling hair often goes online, but do not forget a lot of money is still made by good old hair business offline. In a brick and mortar store or salon. Marketing is the art of getting your hair in front of the eyes of your ideal client, at the time and place they are ready for it. This can be online, like social media or your website. But also, offline, when they walk in the shopping mall and are in need for some good advice on the latest hair trend.

Marketing without borders for a hair business offline

There is no law or rule that will prohibit you to communicate with your ideal client at any place. If you analyzed your ideal client well, you know where she (or he) is searching for information. What social media channels for example. But also, if she is talking with her friends when she is going out or shopping.

Let the creative part of your brain work, again, and look for ways to capture the attention of your ideal clients in specific location offline.

Guerrilla Marketing

There are 2 ways this so-called Guerrilla marketing effort, can get you traffic. Direct traffic if people come to visit your store or salon because you made them curious about your story. Or you can cause some buzz on social media, blogs and other online platforms. “Hey, did you know…”.

For those who are not afraid to wake up the citizens of a sleeping neighborhood, they can even get press coverage.

Okay, how to proceed this Guerilla kind of marketing.


, be sure to select a spot where people can stop, wonder what’s happening and if possible interact with you. Avoid the high way for this reason. Make sure the right traffic, your ideal client will be present in enough numbers.

Make them think

. Guerrilla marketing can be easy for by passers to ignore unless your creativity gives people a reason to pause. The better your idea, the more thought-out your strategy for getting a reaction, the more likely your marketing is to work.


. Set a clear goal, or aim, of your Guerilla Marketing effort. It’s not the purpose to get a lot of attention but people do not have a glue about your brand or product message.

Always expect, the unexpected

. Do not forget to have a plan B (or C). Weather conditions, local regulation, noise, can spoil a well-prepared event.

Stay polite and within the borders of the law.

Make people happy, and not upset with your actions.

Help them to remember your name

. Make sure to have a good connection between your brand and the event you organized. Here again it shows the importance to select a good hair extensions store or salon name.

Some ideas for a hair business offline

Try a pop up shop in the mall, or near a location that your ideal client has special interest for. They will not expect you to “pop up”. If possible offer small items too, so surprised clients can still buy something that will keep their mind busy with your brand for some time. Even after they left our pop up shop.

Go for Free

Okay, you need to pay your bills too, but one of people’s absolute favorite price is “free”. It will help you to start the conversation, and many people feel obliged to give a favorite in return. This could be their contact details, so you can start to add them to your mailing list and keep them in the loop of your special offers and brand name.


If you share stickers with your brand name, or special offer you can reach a lot of people even after the event. These stickers can end up anywhere and might be visible for a long time. This will help to make your brand name stick into their mind!

Do Things That Don’t Scale

While guerrilla marketing has a limited, local reach, it has the potential to pick up speed with the right idea and strategy in place, and expand its reach as the experience is brought online.

If you’ve got plenty of ideas to make up for a lack of money to invest in marketing, guerrilla tactics are a cost-effective way to get exposure. It might be hard to track the return on investment and these tactics don’t scale, but that’s kind of the point.

If you made a great Guerrilla Marketing Campaign, please feel free to share so we can help to make it go viral!