Christmas time always brings back sweet memories to me. When I walk through the shopping mall and I hear the voice of George Michael. Singing about how somebody broke his heart last Christmas, my brain fills with clear images of the past. Me dancing in the disco!

It’s amazing how a song, or the aroma of a hot cup of cocoa, can bring back so much into your active mind. For me this activates the urge to decorate the house. Well in fact my wife and kids do, I only take the boxes down from the attic. I want to start buying presents, and to sing more enthusiastic in Church. Although this year I discovered my youngest kids, Chantal and Raymond, start to feel ashamed when I open my mouth to join the church Choir! I hope this will not become an excuse for them not to join me to Church anymore.

But, still if you realize the story of Christmas and all the ingredients. Like the tree, the decoration, being together as family on Christmas eve and the church brings you in a certain mood, you start to wonder why are we not using this magic more when marketing and selling our hair products?

When your clients have found your online hair store, their brains start to work immediately.

Is this what we are looking for to look gorgeous this Christmas,
is this real human hair and
how about the people behind this store?

Can I trust this, because it all looks so great! After all they do not want to get disappointed.

There is a big chance, after the first visit they bounce away and check other websites or hair sellers on social media. Now the 1-million-dollar question is, what did you give them to remember your store and your hair offer?

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I’ll give it to someone special

George Michael

Did you tell them a story, that they will recall when the walk to work the next day or when brushing their hair? We all love stories, we need to day dream to entertain our mind. It is even scientifically proven your brains (and mine too) recall information much better associated with a sensory experience. And that experience can be your story.

Tell them why you started to sell hair,
how your clients discovered you,
where you source your hair or get your inspiration from.

All this will help to glue your hair brand in the mind of a potential client.

She will find it difficult to recall the about page of a hair seller that only tells she wants to sell the best hair. But she will recall your story, if it was entertaining, informational and sincere.

Enjoy listening to George Michael to get inspired and write this holiday season a story about you. Share your story with me in the comments below so others can see and remember you and of course publish it on your site.