Outside it’s 6 degrees Celsius, inside our house it’s much hotter. Christmas is around the corner and there is not only so much to do, there is also some misunderstanding about what we are going to do.

On Christmas eve Chantal and Raymond, my two youngest kids, will be in Church as altar boy (and girl). This requires some preparation in advance, but more important. They will be in bed late, so the next day it will be a challenge to wake them up in time.

They must wake up in time, because we are invited, by my eldest sister, at my mother’s place, at first Christmas day. We will have a family dinner, organized by my sister. My sister always knows how to prepare a delicious dish, with the only downside there is always too little food to my opinion. If I recall it well we have only visited my mother once this year, so a good reason to accept the invitation. We will take the train to visit her this time, because Raymond loves trains. And this makes the trip rather environmental friendly. We should not forget to care about mother earth. It will take us 2 and a half hours traveling so we need to leave home in time.

But this leaves us little to no time to have breakfast with my wife and the kids before we travel, and even less time to open the Christmas presents.

My wife has been busy arranging the house before Christmas for quite some days now. She cleans the house, buys presents, prepares the food for the kid’s dinner at school and she purchased new decoration and lights. During summer our Christmas lights has managed to tangle more than bad poorly maintained hair extensions. Half of the lights we had to throw away and to replace with new ones. If you have a tip to avoid this tangling, my wife and I would appreciate to hear the golden tip from you.
Now you might think, is it only Stefan’s wife who prepares for Christmas? What is he doing to support the family to have a peaceful and cosy Christmas?

Well, you are not alone in this. I just had a conversation with my wife and she really expressed her concern about my commitment.

I dedicate a lot of my time to HowToSellHairExtensions, I receive so many chats, mails and calls from girls, women and men around the Globe who are sharing their ideas and are full of questions on how to start their own hair business. They inspire me so much and I empathise with all of you. For this I am always striving to find more and better solutions. Where to get the funding (I started a sequence about crowdfunding), how to find the best wholesale suppliers (I prepared a special page with postings only about finding wholesale suppliers), how to earn money with hair if you do not have hair to sell (see yesterday’s post) and of course answering the individual calls.

Last week I dedicated a lot of time also to study Content Marketing and I am proud to tell you I became a HubSpot certified Content Manager. It’s amazing, the tensions before an exam still really kick in. I did not want to fail and took enough time to prepare myself.

But all these things took me away from my family and the Christmas tree. Yesterday, while I was waiting for Ashley to chat with me, I was preparing a blogpost. While my family was sitting on the sofa watching a nice movie together. I could, no I should have decided to wait for the chat on the sofa too, or at least to join my family in the living room.

At this time, I am writing this post, but how better would it be to close the laptop and to help my wife to clean the house and to be with the kids.

It is so easy for me to find an excuse in my work not to be around with those who I love so much. Will my productivity, my support to the visitors of my website, suffer if for a couple days of the year I am one with my family?

I realize while I write down the last sentence the answer is no. I will spend the next coming days with my family, to show my wife I do not only love her by saying but also by doing. To play and be creative with the kids if they want to make Christmas drawings to give to their Grandmother.

I wish you a peaceful Christmas with a lot of time close to your family and friends. If you have a question about start selling hair in the meantime, don’t worry before I go to church I will check my email!

Merry Christmas, I love you all