Some time ago, I was asked to guide as a parent kids from the school of Chantal with some outdoor activities. Chantal is my 11-year-old daughter, very sweet for her father and more interested in than in homework. The kids could choose from various cultural activities. Main purpose to bring them into contact with music, art and dance.

We took the bike to visit a community house in the city center. Here a dance class was given. The teacher, a young boy, who knew to catch everybody’s attention right away. He started the workshop in a big circle learning everybody’s name. And within the course of next 10 minutes or so, he knew all the names of the 15 kids! I was amazed.

The trick was he linked some personal, emotional characteristics, every time he asked a kid to introduce him or herself in the circle. The children were asked to tell a short story about themselves and the dance teacher used that story to connect.

How to find your hair brand name/

Now back to your hair business, wouldn’t it be great to come up with a brand name that every visitor of your store, online or brick-and-mortar remembers. Even days after they have visited your online store? You can achieve this too.

If you want to know how to find your hair brand name everybody will remember, take the following steps.

One is the brainstorm stage

Use your mission statement, the reason why you are in the hair business and what you want to achieve. Think of the women and men perhaps, you want to help in solving their needs. Do not forget to remember the names and shops of the competition. All this information, ideas and thoughts will help you to form the base for your hair brand name.

Two, Do nothing about how to find your hair brand name

No, the most difficult part in finding a hair brand name pops up. I know it is very difficult not to think of something if you want it very much. You want to find that hair brand name that will make your sales go sky high! But believe me, sometimes doing nothing is better.
In this time, the greatest part of your brains will digest the impressions. When you least expect it, you will get awesome ideas for your hair extensions brand.

Benefit for free from company name experts

Now you must check if the experts on business and brand names would encourage you to continue with the name, or have suggestions to adapt your name. Use the smile and scratch test to check if your name will stand the test of the outside world.

Use your client’s brains

Now comes the scary part, you will have to dive into the brains of your visitors and clients. Connect with the creative part of your brains (on your right). Studies have taught us the best result to remember things, and thus hair brand names too. Is through emotions. I you manage to make an emotional connection between your brand name and your ideal clients, you found gold!

It is not only for selling hair essential to know who your ideal clients are, the people you want to solve their needs, also for the first step. To connect them with your brand, to make them remember and return to your hair store.

Check with your chamber of commerce

Once this all is done, you get into the legal stuff. Depending on the country you live in, there are specific regulations to register your hair brand name. Please do visit your local chamber of commerce to learn how to register your name and how to protect it.

Found a hair brand name, claim the domain!

Now, you finally have your hair brand name, or hair company name, make sure to protect it from others to use.

Do not let other steal your name after all the time and energy you did from brainstorming to the legal check.

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