Once upon a time, there was a girl, named Tina, selling hair extensions. She has the passion to make other women look and feel gorgeous. Tina borrowed from her mother to buy her first inventory of bundles of hair. Her mother gave her all her savings, because she believed in her daughter. Tina published every day at least 10 images of the bundles on all her social media with in Capital letters in Bold “Bundle Deal, now extra cheap!”. She offered the cheapest hair in town, but at the end of first 6 months in business she only sold three bundles.

Tina did not know, it was her mother who bought these 3 bundles, only because she loved her daughter. Tina had to quit her dream to become an independent hair re-seller and found a job in a salon in a neighboring city. There she told every client about her adventure as a hair re-seller.

The clients got emotional connected with Tina. A young woman, full of passion to work in the hair business. A young woman working to pay back her mother. Some clients started to ask Tina to show the hair she offered.

This time it was not her mother, but complete strangers who wanted to buy her hair. She impressed her boss how she engaged with the clients, and her boss allowed her to sell the hair in the salon. The inventory was quickly sold out. Tina could not only buy new hair, she could also return her mothers savings.

Tina’s storytelling was much more successful in marketing her hair extensions than 10 bundle deals a day!

Business Storytelling

Telling a story as a business, is not the same as telling a story to your kids or cousins before they go to sleep. With Business Storytelling you create a connection between your beauty business and your clients. Your story will share your business vision and your mission. Tina was telling, with passion, why she wanted to make women feel and look good.

Let’s take your about us page as an example. Many first-time visitors of your website prefer to visit your about us page.

You can use the lessons in this article for every business story you want to tell, like solutions for the needs of your Ideal Client.

    The storytelling elements

A good story always has three elements to keep the attention of the readers.

  • The Characters, will it be about you, or do you talk to the reader (you).
  • A conflict, describe the problem your reader will feel connected with. What is going wrong?
  • And finally the part where you will be the hero, because you will present the resolution for the hair or beauty problem you mentioned as conflict.

How do you determine characters within a story?

The character is the connection between you, as business owner and storyteller, and your audience. For first-person point of view, this is when the character is yourself. When you use “I saw this” or “I learned that”. Using this type of language in storytelling is more confessional. It can help you establish a personal connection with the reader. You can use this to build authority. Try using first-person when there is a known person, you, behind the content.

As for second-person, the character in this point of view is your audience. The visitors of your website or store. “You will see” or “you will learn”. When using “you” language, you need to understand your Ideal Client. Make it personal for them by knowing their pain points. Their goals. Tell the story in a way that shows empathy.

The third-person is the “she said” and “he said” type of language. Testimonials from customers are a good example of using third-person.

Why are you telling the story, the conflict

Conflict helps build emotional dynamics. It helps to make a connection between you and your reader. Human-to-human connections are the foundation for a successful business.

You are dealing with people. Your goal is:

  • providing answers,
  • relieving stress,
  • creating happiness, and
  • making life easier for the ideal Client.
  • The profits your company makes comes from a well-thought business plan and customers who believe in you and what you do.

    The conflict is the lesson in how the character transforms through challenge.

    How should you end a story, the resolution?

    The resolution should wrap up the story but should also call your audience to action.

    Do not copy – paste a solution for a problem you found on another website, be original and trustworthy. You are specialized in solving the needs of your ideal client, so you are the only one who can provide this solution.

    WHY are you in the hair business?

    Tell the world on your about us page, where your Hair Business stands for. Write down in two or three sentences what your core values are. Here you can talk about quality, customer oriented, attention for your community, product innovation, the environment and charity. This helps your target audience to connect with your hair brand and to build a loyal relation.

    Decide on the position of your hair brand in a couple of years. Define your niche, what special place of the market will be yours? Afro American Women who Code? Girls on the campus. Your home state. Finally, how long will it take. Decide about the period it will take you to achieve your goals.

    Do not share figures like an accountant or rocket engineer, tell a story about WHY you are in the hair business. It is important to start with WHY you are in the beauty and hair business, because now you communicate with feelings. Your readers will easier connect with your hair brand.

    HOW, do you solve the needs of your Ideal Clients

    You have analyzed your ideal client, her demographics, her needs and struggles and where she finds the possible answers to her questions and doubts. For your about us page this is the best way to connect with your ideal client. If you tell about how you solve her, or his, needs on the field of hair extensions in the preferred style of your ideal client for sure she will become a returning visitor.

    WHAT, do you offer

    Now it’s time to bring your visitor into action, offer a call to action. For you about us page this could be a newsletter or Facebook follow. But if you write about a hair problem, you can offer the solution as a call to action, or a bundle deal 😉

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