Do you want to get tired selling hair extensions? Tell me how much hair do you want to sell?

I bet you will never sell too much hair and you are always interested to sell more. If you think you can handle more hair sales in one week or month than the complete year 2017, I have good news for you.

Do not accept mediocre sales figures. Stop investing in AdWords or Facebook campaigns without getting sales. Stop posting bundles deals with only inquiries about the price but no deal. Those days are over.

Now you too will start selling more than you ever did before. Generate more cash and talk hair all day. You can make so many people happy with your hair, people you never heard about.

Let’s start selling hair

You and I are going to dive deep into your business objectives. Who is waiting for your hair extensions and beauty products? Connect with them without spending one cent on advertising and let them engage with your hair store.

We set up the goals and like the gym, we are going to work with a training schedule. You will work on your goals every day, no exemption. Selling hair is top sport and only winners are ready to invest in getting more sales.

You will learn from the training experience and your visitors and client’s behaviour. Together with your mentor you will fine tune your operations, purchases and marketing and sales. Lack of sales never has only one cause, you need to have your total operations on optima forma.

$ 70,000 sales for only one deal a day

Let’s use realistic figures, no need to exaggerate because that only brings disappointment and frustration. I spoke too many girls who turned their back to this industry because their expectations were too high. Better to lower expectations and to achieve more.

Okay, if you assume an average retail order is 2 /3 bundles of hair. If you would charge $ 199 (the magic number), and you would sell every day to one client, you will have a turnover of more than 70.000 dollar. 70k in a year! Compare that with your last year sales. But it will even get better, you can make twice or even three times this number in sales. Because your operations and marketing is working smoothly you can count on 140,000 or even 200,000 dollars in sales if you keep on improving your business.

Are you fit enough?

Are you fit enough to start selling more hair than you ever did? Are you ready to work with me on the plan and invest everyday at least one to two hours in building your business?

If you are ready I have good news because you only need invest USD 29 to start selling more. The All-In-One Package will give you access to all the tools and support you need. I know this seems to cheap to be successful but do not worry. Next month the price for the package will increase. Benefit this month, or pay more next month.

Exclusive business insight to finding hair loving clients. From unique sales tips to hair from the best hair wholesalers. Tips on how to sell on Facebook and Instagram. Your own personal mentor and your own tailor made training schedule.


You and I are going to bring you a very successful 2018! What’s keeping you from joining? I am ready for you!

Ready for $ 70,000 sales?

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