Waiting for the first client, expecting your first hair sale? You launched your website yesterday, full of awesome hair extensions, great prices and free shipping! But no visitors at all. You decide to wait one more day. But again, no visitor and thus no sale. What went wrong and what can you do about it?

Do not be surprised if you will get hardly any visitor to your website after spending the money to create and the time to think about the site. Today there are more than 1 billion, or 1,000,000,000 websites and this number keeps on growing. These websites all compete for the attention of your hair client! It is not difficult to understand your website, with number 1 billion plus 1, will not get the attention it deserves.
Is it hopeless, will you never make any sale? No, you only forgot to create the launch event. Celebrate the day you will go live with your website and back this event with a launch plan.

Launch plan

A launch plan for your hair web shop will give you the opportunity to make some noise on day one. This is the first day your website went live. This can put you 3 to 6 months ahead of where you would be if you started publishing your hair website, blog or store without a launch plan.

With a launch plan you will make sure your Ideal Client will know about your Hair Brand as of day one, and you will not miss selling opportunities.

A good launch plan covers:

    A pitch that will tell your visitors in a few seconds why they landed on the right page, and should not bounce away
    A killer post or webpage that has everything to go viral, and makes people talk about you
    Content for every stage of your ideal client’s journey, awareness, consideration and decision (BUY!)
    A list of must do actions like receiving mails when others mention your hair brand, so you can engage with them
    A share page to make it easy for visitors to share your content amongst their friends
    The lead generating coming soon page, now you can start your business even before you launch your website!
    How to mobilize not only your friends but also complete strangers to tell the world about your new website!

These are not all features, but in the eBook “How to launch your website” you will find not only how to make the previous 7 items work for you. You will also find at least 10 other steps to take to have a successful launch of your website on day one and a growing number of visitors on day two, three ….

The eBook is part of the $ 29 all-in-one hair package, a package with all you need to start your hair business today. Single copies of the eBook are available for $ 5.

I do not want to miss selling opportunities

Invest $ 5 in the launch plan and attract visitors to your new website as of the day of the launch, why would you wait weeks before your first deal?

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