Most about us pages, do not go about the founder or shop owner of a hair extensions online store. They tell a story about the hair they are selling. Or they prefer to stay anonymous. What you mean about us? Why wouldn’t you sow the world who you are?

The about us or about me page, is the number one page to connect with your website visitors. Complete strangers land on your website and after they checked your offer, they want to know. Who is the creative brain behind all this? Who found this hair and is willing to give me a good price? Can I trust this company?

A few weeks ago, I got in contact with Aquilla, she is the founder of . I walked through her website and her About Me page, Aquilla told her visitors “ I’m addicted to HAIR “ Indeed, hair in capital letters. And Aquilla did start the right way, because she started her story by telling why she was in this business.

You want to know what she wrote, check her website or read her story now.

About Me

Hello, my name is Aquilla Johnson and I’m addicted to HAIR…lol.

I’m absolutely in love with my craft and enjoy making each and every one of you more beautiful than before!

I am recognized and committed to innovation and precision. I provide services for virtually any hair type: long, short, curly, straight, classic or edgy. Ultimately, I try to give clients the hair they’ve always desired – adding hair extensions for volume or length or just making them fall in love with their natural tresses all over again. I use only the industry’s finest products to create outstanding style for any hair type of texture, while enhancing condition, health, and shine!

I am always updating and continuing my education yearly with fashion/hair shows, classes, learning new skills and staying current with the latest trends and styles so that my clients are getting the best services I can provide! I want you looking your best!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, promoting healthy hair! Maintaining the integrity of your hair is key! Let me guide you and I will show you how to keep those tresses shiny and healthy!

Aquilla Johnson

Founder, stylesbyaquilla

End of story!

Well, how about that? If you are a girl looking for hair and you feel the love for gorgeous hair, Aquilla is the girl to talk to.

Share your about me text in the comments below this post and I will help you to turn it into a real story that will help your visitors to connect and to convert to loyal clients.