Every day I speak or chat with girls and women (and some men) who are full of passion to start selling hair. You can feel their ambition when they chat, to create a new hair brand that will make so many people in their community and further away to look and feel good. They all inspire me with their stories, their ideas and their commitment. After every chat, I feel the energy floating through my body!

But every day, I also see people who give up. Because all their money is invested in hair extensions nobody wants to buy, or because nobody visits their website. This is the part of the business I do not like. Believe me, it makes me feel miserable every time I hear about somebody who stopped chasing her dream.

Because I believe every person deserves the best support to make her or his dream come true, I started how to sell hair extensions, this year already 6 years ago. I want to bring the best support at the lowest price possible, to support people, like you, who want to make the world a more beautiful place, while becoming financially independent.

I started with a blog, followed by an eBook and one to one coaching for business planning, SEO, and content marketing. Today I have eBooks covering many areas of the business of selling hair, I introduce people to wholesalers, design websites and I love to promote ambitious hair stores.

If you have the dream to become a successful hair extensions re-seller or wholesaler, I am here to help you! For example with the all-in-one hair business package, for only USD 19. Click on the red button and get your mentor to support you