Feel the most gorgeous hair samples before you start selling.

You want to start selling hair, and you need help on the business side to keep your business successful? Especially for you I composed a new version of All-in-One Hair Business Package, this time with real lavish Cambodian Body Wave hair sample!

  • Feel the hair you can sell to you clients,
  • Get help from your mentor about the best way to start selling
  • Learn how to market your hair on social media
  • Kick start your website and do not miss any selling opportunity
  • Keep control of your business with your own business plan

Put the hair to the ultimate test. Install, burn, wash, color and stretch the hair.

+ Know who will buy your hair
You will learn to know your target market. Define, find and connect with your clients thanks to a handy tool.

+ The basics of selling hair extensions
The eBook will give you insight on how to sell your hair extensions the best way.

+ Contact your own mentor 24/7
If you have a question, or doubts on how to find, market or sell the hair, you can talk with your own mentor from How to Sell Hair Extensions.
+ Hair Wholesalers
You will find your first Wholesaler contact you right away, need more to compare tell your mentor.

+ A full year of free promotion
Let the world know you are selling hair, 12 months of free promotion for your hair store
+ Sell on Social Media
Of course, you want to use the free marketing platforms like Facebook and Instagram to sell your hair. Learn how to sell the easiest way

+Do not miss selling opportunities
Get visitors as of the day you launched your business. A special eBook that contains 20 tasks that will generate traffic to your business as of day one! Start selling now!

+ How much money do you need
and how much money will you earn! Write your business plan with all calculations to know how much money you need to invest, how much cash your company will generate and your profit.

No need to wait, go get your all-in-one package and receive the hair!
Everything for only one price, Body Wave Sample plus the full all-in-one hair package

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