There is love in sharing my African wife always tells me. So today I share an awesome Online Hair Extensions Business video on how to start selling hair extensions.

The course prepared by Breanna Rutter got a rating of 4.7 on a scale of 1 to 5. Not bad right?

Learn by watching this Online Hair Extensions Business video on:

  • how to incorporate your business,
  • create your branding and marketing strategies,
  • find the best hair suppliers, and how to
  • create your online e-commerce website and more!

Breanna made the course for beginners, so no specific education or experience needed. All you need is your computer and passion to start selling hair! You can watch the tutorial everywhere you want.

What’s to See on this Online Hair Extensions Business video?

Let’s see what’s in the course.

You will start with an overview of legal ways to start your business. From starting as a sole Proprietor, to a LLC, you will also see suggestions on how to do your bookkeeping.

The fun starts after this, how to design
your brand, logo and how about packaging,
business cards and
promotional materials.

Find the best name for your hair extensions business

Breanna shares suggestions on how to do your research on finding Hair Extensions Suppliers. Suppliers that will give you the highest quality and margin.

A special section is about your own e-commerce website, how to set up a website.

Get free trial to start your own shopify hair store

Now you have learned about the hair and websites, Breanna continues to deal with the ins and outs about your daily business operations. Inventory, but also how to select shipping carriers. Pay special attention to the section about scammers, people who love your hair… for free. How to deal with them and how to write your corporate policies, like your return policy. Protect your business.

Before you will get tips about how to shoot the best video’s, Breanna will tell you her ideas about how to market your hair. What platform can you use to get your hair business under the attention of your potential clients? Or how to benefit from others, so called influencers, who can help you to convince others to buy your hair.

If you want to know what start ups find about the course read below for more

Entrepreneur with over 500,000 YouTube subscribers! My YouTube channels consist of Breanna Rutter (400K subscribers ), Howtoblackhair (93K subscribers) and MrsRutters (7K subscribers)!

She currently manages 2 companies that primarily focuses on marketing online video content focused on hair care information (Howtoblackhair) and hair styling tutorials (MrsRutters).

She enjoys creating online content about hair love to teach others how they can also become successful in business as well!

Breanna Rutter

Founder, Howtoblackhair & MrsRutters

You want to follow the course?


This was a great course! Breanna provided alot of detailed information and steps on how to go about starting and maintaining your online business (somethings you probably would have never even thought about). I am thankful that she created this course and definitely will be following these steps to make sure my business benefits as a result of it.

Denita Edmonds

It firstly gives the right information I need before I even start the business, a clear picture that makes one surely know if this is their right type of project they want to get into ,how much work is needed to do it and most importantly incourages to do a thorough research , getting all the information needed before starting ,so to me it is a very good deep foundation for my tour building

Fortunate Nyirenda

Excellent material

Patricia Barnes