You have the best hair suppliers

Get the best hair suppliers

You need good wholesale suppliers, who offer you exactly the hair extensions your own customers are looking for, so read how to get the best hair suppliers. A good, reliable hair extensions wholesale supplier shares their story with you, you can read about the company online, enjoy the reviews of other clients and they share what’s going on in their company. If they are interested in, you and indeed customer oriented they will for sure help you to get your own successful business. However, if they only want to sell and place pictures of hair or models you’ve seen on other sites also, you need at least to analyse this hair extensions wholesale supplier a little bit better. What’s behind it, and make sure you still find the best hair suppliers. The internet makes it possible to visit hair extensions suppliers from places far away from your home town, there is no distance anymore on the internet. But you need to start the conversation anyhow, only the website is not enough to make your judgement, so contact the hair extension wholesale supplier by email, on social media or call them.

The 12 questions to find best hair suppliers

To help you to ask the right questions to find the best hair suppliers we prepared a list with twelve questions you should ask any new wholesale supplier you selected on the internet. Regardless the specific product you want to buy, like weaves, wigs, clip ins, skin tape wefts, closures or wigs you will need to get the same basic understanding of the supplier. The list of questions you can enrich with questions that are specific to the type of hair you want to buy: Questions to get the conversation going


How long are they in business?

You can check this information more and more by also checking their presence on social media, but also a chamber of commerce can be of great help with information on when the company was incorporated.

Do they get the hair from the donors

Some wholesale suppliers buy the hair direct from the donor, or direct from the source. But others have to purchase the hair themselves first from another suppliers and do have less control on the quality and origin of the hair.

Are the cuticles intact & aligned in the same direction?

If you want Remy hair, it’s important the cuticles are intact (video) and not stripped.

How do they measure the length of the hair, is it true-to-length

It is important to know if the hair that is sold is for example 18 inch if you have to stretch it or not so like your customer is going to have the install. Avoid to start discussion with your customer the 26 inch is in fact 24 inches or less, where you have to tell them stretch the hair very hard between their both hands.

Maintenance advice

What is their experience of the best way to maintain and store the hair, to make sure your customer can keep the hair for a long time? How long is the average period the hair keeps its natural beauty and texture?

Ask about import duties and taxes

Make sure you understand exactly what you will have to pay and how much on top of the product price, for payment, shipping, export or import duties and taxes. Some exporters put a very low value on their export documents but if the customs of your country of residence check the parcel you might have to pay extra. So check before to get an unpleasant surprise.

Do they have reviews?

You can always ask if they have customers that bought from them before and if you can contact them.

Is it virgin and unprocessed hair

Although you can only check this question once you’ve received the hair and tested it, if they answer the question it helps you to get a judgement of the business model of the company. Do they only want to sell, or are they interested for a long term relation with you? If the hair has been processed ask for the treatment.

Is there a silicone coat applied?

Unless you target the low end of the market and you are looking for cheap hair you should avoid to accept any hair that is coated. To make the hair still shine, while the cuticle is stripped of its cuticle you can give the hair a temporary shine. This will remove and the hair will become a tangled mess and your client very annoyed, unless they could have expected this all based upon the low price.

Can the hair be coloured, bleached or dyed?

Your client wants human hair extensions, so make sure they can treat it like human hair and allow the hair to get bleached or dyed.

Can they take care of labelling if needed

If you want to sell your own brand, you need a manufacturer that is capable of labelling you hair extensions with your own private label

What are the wholesale conditions

Will you get a discount if you order bigger quantities and what is the schedule?

Not only the answers on all these questions but also the way they response is very important for you to find the best hair suppliers.

  • Do you get a swift and polite response
  • can you ask another question that will be replied with the same politeness, or
  • do you have to wait for your answer for a long time, or
  • do not get any answer at all?

Now you can start to test the hair, and place you first order. This can be a sample order or a small retail order.

Be critical on the whole process,

  • how is the payment organised,
  • how is the shipping, how many days and did you get a tracking code
  • the packaging.

Keep note of all this, make pictures or a video for your own records or to share on social media if you are not happy or want the world to know what a great hair you found.


Part of the testing of the hair is to wear the hair yourself, install it, wear it, wash it, lose it etc. This is not only important to test the hair, but also later if clients have questions or complaints about the hair. You can only give them an honest feedback if you have experienced the hair yourself. The third reason is it gives you some awesome pictures to put on your website or social media.

Meet your Ideal Client use a Social Media Calendar

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Test One - Wash the hair

Wash the hair in the sink with shampoo and conditioner. If you ordered natural brown or black, it should not bleed. Bleeding is when colour runs out of the hair and into the water as you are washing it. You should also look out for whether the hair tangles when it hits the water. And also be checking to see if it sheds a lot while washing it.

Test Two - Burn the hair

If you apply fire to the end of the hair and it melts together then it is fake hair. If you apply fire to the end of the hair and it turns into ashes, then it is real hair.

Test Three - Bleach the hair

If the hair is human hair, then one test you can do is a bleach test. To get started just blend the peroxide developer with the lightening activator and rub it on the hair. If it turns any other colour other than the anticipated light brown or blonde, then it is not worthy class hair. You don’t have to do this all the time but at least on the first sample.