Hair Extensions Outlook Canada




The Hair Extensions market outlook for: Canada
Main developments:
  • The overall domestic interest, searches, for hair extensions was stable through 2013 and 2014 with a preference above wigs
  • 2013 demand disappointed the predections, but in 2014 demand for human hair extensions increased by 6%.
  • Increased demand foreseen for clip in and tape in hair extensions.
  • Given the market evolution, there is clear demand for wholesale human hair extensions located in Canada.
Use of this data

Based upon insight from keywords visitors Google one can predict the future interest. Actual trade data from the United Nations shows the evolution and size of the domestic demand of the human hair extensions market (import minus export shows domestic demand). This information is very useful for your business plan, but should be made tailor made to your own situation with more detailed information.

Is the Canadian client looking for hair extensions or human hair wigs?

Source: Google trends
Remarks: Interest for wigs and hair extensions have been rather stable the last years, but for 2015 an slightly increased interest for hair extensions is foreseen.
What are the hottest items of Hair Extensions in Canada:

Source: Google Trends
Remarks: Clip in hair extensions has been of much interest, after a decline in interest in 2013 an increased interest is foreseen for 2015. If you are looking for a new items check the increased interest for fusion hair extensions with your target audience.
Evolution demand for hair extensions in Canada
Evolution Consumption Human Hair Extensions /wigs Canada
Source: Tradecom database United Nations

Remarks: Year on Year domestic demand for hair extensions has recoved after a dip in 2013. 7% less export and 4% higher import increased domestic consumption with 6% in 2014.

Use this information if you have to write your business plan for your own hair extensions shop or if you plan to expand your hair extensions wholesale business.
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