Joan wants to buy from you video


The Ideal Client Profile

Do you know Joan? If not, too bad because she wants to buy hair from you!
Are you:
  • Constantly seeking out new clients anywhere or everywhere
  • Finding yourself spending less time with clients you enjoy working with including high-end clients
  • Not getting enough quality referrals
  • Distracted by high-maintenance, low-return clients
  • Very busy marketing and networking efforts and you don’t have time to build strong client relationships

Instead of the above, wouldn´t it be nice if you knew all the people who want to buy your hair products by person? To walk next to them when they go for shopping, to know what their interests are, the places where they find information etc. This would help you to get a much better understanding where your clients are coming from.

And the good thing is, your ideal client, or Joan as we will call her but you can give her any other name you like, will tell her friends about you because you provide exactly the hair and services she is looking for and at the right price.

Your ideal client

So draw her profile, or as it is called in Marketing terms The Ideal Client Profile. This will help you to focus on her and to time and write your marketing messages. Imagine you are sitting with Joan and try to get an answer on the next questions:

Name: With a name it is easier for you to identify your client; you can also look for a picture that represents your ideal client.
Age range: By selecting an age range it´s easier to find the places of interest.
Key responsibilities: What are her day time activities?
Key stress or pain points: For example what are her concerns regarding the hair and the maintenance. Is she an experienced buyer or not?
Purchase drivers: Why and when would she buy hair?
Places she most likely find information about hair and fashion: For example magazines, websites blogs, social media, electronic newsletters etc.
Days and time she is most likely to consume your content: For example when is she active on social media?
Role in the purchasing process: Will she influence others in buying hair?
This will give you a much better position, knowing where she’s coming from; especially when you identify her major concerns and pain points. And that’s because you now have what you need to create very specific marketing messages that speak to her major concerns. And then you can make sure that when she’s looking for those solutions, it’s YOUR company she finds!



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