Your own hair business known by many females, thanks to only eight emails

Your own hair business known by many females, thanks to only 8 emails

For a long time you have been dreaming on how to start your own hair business. Sell hair extensions, make others feel and look good and earn enough money to be financially independent. A job that will fill your day with joy and passion, with the only risk you’ll forget your family.

If this is what you are looking for, we are proud to share with you our selection of the best of business services that will support you in building your own hair business. A business with the customer in the heart of every business decision. Because not your website, not your logo and not even your hair, but only loyal and happy customers will make your business successful.

With the customer in the middle of the eight emails, you will benefit from all the market opportunities in eight different moments of setting up your own hair business.

1st eMail:

The first email you will receive is to welcome you, and to explain the next mails you will get and how they will help you to build your own hair business with the focus on the most important person in your life from now on, your customer. Do not forget to confirm your subscription after your registered on the eight emails, otherwise your will miss all the opportunities.

2nd eMail: You are the expert in selling hair extensions

Know everything about the hair business, not only about texture, grades, origin, methods to install and maintenance, but also about marketing, social media, operations and finance. You will be surprised how an investment in knowledge, education, will give you a huge advantage above many other people selling hair. Surveys show customers are willing to pay more if they can buy their extensions at a shop where the owner knows where she or he talks about.

But be aware, even if you know more about the business than your customers, never tell them you do! Because the customers are always right, isn’t it!

3rd eMail: You have the best hair suppliers

Now we talk hair and that’s what this business is all about. You only will get happy customers if you can offer them the hair they want, or better the hair extensions they love. So with the third email you can read about hair, hair suppliers and samples.

4th eMail: The world knows you’re in the business of selling hair

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are the most popular social media your clients are using not only to check for hair and hair styles, but also to get informed about the latest of their favourite TV series, Celebs, fashion news or career possibilities. And some are even interested in cats and dogs. So this is the place to be. Open your social media platform and read how to get followers but also see how you can ‘keep the conversation going’. Be actually interested in the needs and social media life of your followers and turn them into your first customers. Do not worry, you do not have to be online 24 hours a day, there is enough help available to give your own hair business a voice, even if you are sleeping!

5th eMail: You have a personal relation with all your clients

Learn about the use of one of the best performing marketing tools, even in the age of social media: The Newsletter. You know who your followers and customers are, because you are connected with them on social media. Use this knowledge, together with the knowledge you already have about the hair industry to offer your customers exactly what they are looking for in a place they always look and react on. Their inbox! Write personalized emails that arrive in the inbox of your clients at the moment they want to buy hair so they think of your hair store first.

6th eMail: Your clients prefer you

There are many, many hair stores online and in the streets of your city, but you can make the difference and have customers come to your shop because they prefer your hair business. People prefer stores with hair extensions that matches with their needs and expectations. And the good news is, with this email you will see how you can be that kind of hair shop.

7th eMail: Even strangers talk about your shop

You are nearly finished with setting up the best hair business your clients are looking for. In this last before one eMail you will launch your own website. Get your unique place on the internet with your own hair business and get even more visitors thanks to techniques like, search engine optimization (SEO), but even more important unique content. Search engines like Google and Bing are constantly improving their methods. They want to show to people who are searching the internet content that is exactly in line with their expectations. So SEO is important, but in the long run, having a website full of content that your customers like is the clear winner.

8th eMail: Bloggers and Vloggers promote your hair brand

Customers will come and go to your hair business, and place their orders or only want to stay updated about your latest hair offering. With the eight eMail you will find a way to get your hair sold not only on your website, but also on the websites of famous vloggers, and bloggers. Now your business is mature and in the position to generate serious sales volumes. But never forget to keep your focus on your customer, if you forget the most important secret of your success, business can turn very sour.

Final eMail: Happy, loyal and returning Customers

And to avoid you forget your customer, our surprise for you, there is one more mail after the eight emails you’ll have received. With this final email you will be able to keep your customers happy and to even listen more better to them. You own hair business will stay very, very successful because you have and always will place your customer in the centre of your store!
So again before you subscribe to the eight eMails, to start your own hair business, now you can opt for a Simple and Complete Solution with a very Low Investment. Do not forget to confirm your subscription.


With only eight emails you will be able to have your own hair business get noticed and not only to get to know your customers but also to build up a good relation with your customers.
Do you prefer a simple method, full of tools that are for free, or come with a free trial period, or available to you with a nice discount, we recommend you to subscribe to the free newsletter Eight Mails so you can start today. Indeed, even the newsletter is free, so no reason not to try, unless you prefer others to be more successful than you.


In only eight emails you will finish all the steps needed to build a successful customer oriented hair business. From finding a market niche that nobody else has seen before you, to set up your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or other social media platform and to attract followers, to deliver only those services and hair your clients need and an awesome website with Vloggers that want to sell your hair on their sites!
So all steps needed to build your own hair business, in only eight emails and for the lowest investment the market knows, why not start right now?

Low investment

You have to put your money where your heart is, and that is in awesome hair you want to sell to your customers, so they can look and feel good. Now it is possible t create your own hair business using tools used by many successful entrepreneurs and businesses and at the same time are the cheapest available. Benefit from free trial periods or nice discounts, and become happy feeling your own hair business growing from a dream to a mature business.
Thanks to the eight emails you will be able to focus on your clients, turn them into loyal and happy clients and earn back any money you invested. No, even better to earn enough money to not only pay the bills but also to surprise yourself or your loved ones on gifts. And who does not want to get a surprise?