Where to find people who buy my hair

What is a Buying Persona or who buys my hair?

A Buying Persona, or Ideal Client is a semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer based on real data and some select educated speculation about customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. This person will be the one who will buy your hair extensions. You get the most reliable results if you create your Buying Persona based upon real data and not fictional or assumption. This requires a market survey.

Define the questions

Define the questions, see some example questions

  1. Demographics, what is your gender, race and age (age bracket)
  2. Occupation: What is your job, house wife does qualify as job too
  3. Who is your public role model : This can be a celebrity , sports or business person
  4. Challenges: What is the biggest challenge to find the right hair extensions
  5. Information” What channels do you use to learn about Fashion and Beauty
  6. Shopping: Do you prefer to shop for hair online or in brick and mortar shops?

This is the first step to Who is my Buying Persona of Hair Extensions.

Use real data no Assumptions

Perform a survey among customers you already service, but also friends and people who follow you on social media The survey can be done manually by having an interview with people or to perform an online survey. The latter gives the least work in analyzing the answers afterwards, the first helps you to broaden your network. Do not forget to note any of their remarks about hair extensions, even if you did not ask for it. These remarks will help you to understand your Buying Persona, your ideal client more better. You can organize the survey using free survey tools like SurveyGizmo, or you can use an email provider. The advantage of an eMail provider is you can build a database of potential clients. You can keep these people informed about the launch of your hair store or any promotional offer later. This is the second step to Who is my Buying Persona of Hair Extensions.

What are Your Goals

Analyse the data, look for patterns in the information that’s indicates a trend. Define your Buying Persona on the most popular answers. Make a nice card of it, and if possible add a picture.   Now you know who you are going to make look and feel good. Empower women starts with feeling confident, and now you know where you can find your Ideal Clients and how This is the last step to Who is my Buying Persona of Hair Extensions.

If you want to perform an online survey, you can check an online survey tool. Or consider a stable eMail provider and build a network of loyal customers

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