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Demand for hair extensions is growing. If you know how to be different you get an rising number of clients;

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Many start-ups do not make it to to the second year. You will stay in business thanks to your own mentor and business plan;

– you do not have enough money to keep enough stock!

Most shops fail to increase their sales due to lack of money. Now you can use creative methods to find capital. Find operational focus to grow your hair business. You have the passion we have a growing number of ways to help you.

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I’m addicted to HAIR

Most about us pages, do not go about the founder or shop owner of a hair extensions online store. They tell a story about the hair they are selling. Or they prefer to stay anonymous. What you mean about us? Why wouldn’t you sow the world who you are? The about us or...

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Stop Dreaming Start Selling

My Goal is To Help You to Start Your Hair Extensions Business. Put smiles on your customers’ faces while simultaneously putting a healthy profit into your bank account! Buy Your All-In-One Business Package with hair samples Read More About All-In-One Hair Package



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Stefan Franken

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The Hair Extensions Business

A lot of people have a dream to start their own hair extensions business. They dream to become their own boss. To get a growing number of happy clients who return to their shop to buy new extensions over and over again.

Having a dream is not enough to make things work. Sometimes a dream can even be an obstacle to start your own business, especially if you keep on dreaming.

We learned a lot from the many emails we get from enthusiastic people. People who all like to start their own hair extensions business, but did not know where to start or how to proceed.

You need a hair wholesale supplier check how we help in finding the best hair supplier or free hair samples.

HowToSellHairExtensions is a company that supports ´start-ups´. Small and medium sized companies are the best drivers for economic recovery and growth.

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We wish you a pleasant ending of your dream and a successful start of your business. Please feel free to contact us at any time of the day!

There is more about selling hair

Many subscribers to our free newsletter share with us their questions on how to start selling hair extensions. First of all they want to benefit from the increased demand from people who want to buy hair weave online. A good combination with offering hair online, or selling hair extensions on eBay, is to sell hair locally. This helps to improve the hair extension business profit because it is easier for you to convince clients that you are one of the best stores that sell hair extensions.

Our business ideas will help you to succeed. Because in the business of human hair extensions sale, it´s not only about the product, but also about the trust and service. This is also relevant for the owner of a store that sells hair extensions who wants to purchase hair and is looking for wholesale hair distributors or a hair extensions manufacturer. There are many companies offering wholesale human hair extensions, but to get a supplier where you can buy human hair extensions for your business also depends on the confidence you have in the product and service they offer, We also spot the markets for trends that can be a great niche for your business; check our market outlook for your country or region. But we are also looking at men, the latest products and for example Women with Hair Loss. If you are looking for wholesale hair weave distributors or wholesale hair extensions manufacturers. Follow us for your business opportunities!

We want to know your opinion We want to support you through this website. If you miss anything or you have any suggestion to improve the way we can support you, please share this with us. Thanks in advance for helping us to support you more better.

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