No Money to Buy Hair But You Have Great Ideas about the Hair & Beauty Business ? Let me help you to Start Selling Hair! With Free Hair!


Founder HowToSellHairExtensions

You have great ideas to sell hair extensions, but you lack the money to buy your first hair bundles!

At least twice a day, I receive emails or apps from girls or women, telling me about this struggle. They would like to start their own hair store, but can only start with free hair. Should you give up, or do you want your dream to come true?

Can I help you with free hair to start, to start selling hair extensions?

You have?


unique ideas to make others look beautiful


the skills to succeed and to make money


the passion to be a great sales person

But you miss the cash right now to buy hair and to show your friend, family and the rest of the world you are in the hair business?


Would you be able to launch a business with free hair

You are convinced you have the best ideas to start a hair business. A hair store that will change the hair industry? A business that will make money enough, not only to pay your bills? A business that will allow you to be financially independent, to buy what you want?


Are you ready to Start Your Own Hair Brand with some help?

Today your world is going to change, because there is a possibility to start. Start selling a hair store with free hair to start. All you need to do is to share your most original business idea for a hair business. Be Creative, Be Different, Be Yourself. Convince me about your awesome plan and you will get free hair to start your business.

No need to submit a full plan, but explain how you will be unique or different from others, in the field of:

  • Marketing
  • Service offering
  • Website or social media design
  • The clients you will sell to
  • The way you sell the hair
  • The mix of products you offer
  • Being different

Pick your battle, and tell me how you will do better than the competition. Can you share your smart ideas to outperform the current hair stores, beauty salons or other resellers.

Be Original

Do not copy the store of somebody else. The hair suppliers who supply the free hair and I know many hair stores, so if you only copy the model of an other hair store, and forget your own personal touch, we will know. Be unique and get noticed.


Get your copy of the eBook “From Dream to your own Hair Extensions Business, in only 10 days”, now with a template to find your ideal client.


The eBook helps to be original and to convince us you will make a success of your hair business.

Stay Committed

Be in this for the long term, if you start you need to be sure you will continue with your hair store. If you have ideas to start selling Body wraps tomorrow, check my other site. But Do not apply for this business opportunity

What Kind of Hair

Do not forget to tell me the kind of hair you prefer. The Kinky Curl, the Straight, or the Body Wave. If your plan is original you will get three bundles of hair, to show or sell to your clients, to make a wig or to do a Giveaway.

Sign Up for Newsletter

Sign up for the free newsletter, if you didn’t yet. This will give you inspiration for your business plan and support you how to grow successfully, with every week hair news, postings and inspiration in your mailbox.

Tell Me Your Idea

When you are ready and did all previous steps share your idea in the contact form below. After receipt we will analyse your idea. If you have a good idea to be different, the hair and my support to make it work will come your way!


Find Ideas in the eBook

You want the eBook for ideas to get your Free Hair?

Name Your Price for the eBook plus many free templates to find the ideal client and to sell more hair

Check the sponor below to get inspired

Discuss Ideas in a call

You want to talk to find ideas to start with free hair?

Feeling stuck to find a great idea? Call me to see how you can be original in your marketplace

Only 15 StartUp Spots

I feel confident most of the visitors of the website and newsletter will have awesome business ideas. Especially with the new set of postings. Therefor we must limit this opportunity to 15 people only. I hope you will understand, me too must pay my bills. The maximum number of people to get free hair is set at 15 StartUps.

Do not forget to share your ideas. Only a good and original plan will get you the free hair. Check our resources for ideas and support.

Mail Your Plan and Tell Me the Hair You Want

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