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Return Policy

What about your return policy? Of course, you believe in the hair you sell, and you do not want customers to ask their money back if they maintain the hair bad. Try to formulate your return policy with your customer in mind.

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Okay, now your website is free from all small bugs that keep you away from being noticed by new visitors. Ready for the next step? Ready to turn your website into a magnet for women and men in search for hair extensions? Go for Content Marketing. Content marketing is when you start to create creating and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain your ideal clients. Result? Your visitors will subscribe your newsletter, join free give a ways, follow you on social media and … buy your hair and other products. Thanks to Content Marketing you will be able to take your ideal client all the way through the buyer’s journey. From stranger to promoter of your hair brand!















How? Simply start to tell stories

Your client is looking for solutions, for answers to help her or him to decide to buy hair extensions. If you are the brand that has helped a stranger who never bought hair before to find all the answers she needs. If it was your blogpost about Remy Virgin Hair that made a visitor decide to sign up for your email. This person is only one step away from becoming a client. Now all you should do is to turn her into a happy client with unique content and you have a promotor, somebody who will guide other strangers to your store. I nearly forgot to tell the biggest advantage, you only need to invest once in creating the content, but this will work for your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

That’s a smart investment. Better than an advertisement campaign on Facebook where the day after the campaign your money is spent and the advertisement will never pop up again in front of a somebody who might want to visit your store.

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