You are the expert

The best way of learning a task is to actually execute the task. You learn much more and faster if you not only read about a new task, but if in your case practice to be an expert in selling hair extensions.

Why would you want to learn anything

First of all, you will be the boss of your own business, and that’s great because you do not have to listen to anybody else before you make a decision. But sometimes it is not that great because sometimes you do not know everything you need to know before you can make a decision, about hiring a person, about marketing or social media or bookkeeping. But also if you want to advice somebody about the hair she wants to purchase, or if you want to improve your service level to offer your clients more, you need to study first.

What is the use of being an expert in selling hair extensions?

Online, the first thing a potential buyer will use to compare two or more hair extension stores they have never bought from before, is price. The pictures of the hair can be nice, but the first trigger is how much do they charge? Avoid a business model that competes on price, unless you are as big as Amazon or Wallmart, only because there is only one way, and that’s lower, lower and .. no profit. The next thing people who are new on your site is what can they tell me about the hair and her your expertise comes in. If you have well studied the beauty industry and you have published some articles about this on your own blog, or as a guest blogger, or perhaps in a magazine, use this to expose your expertise. If people contact you with questions and YOU are able to answer them to their satisfaction, the price suddenly is less important. People are sensitive to authority and you can use that by sharing your expertise.
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But there is more

As said as business owner you do not only need to be an expert in selling hair extensions, you also have to take decisions on matters you have never studied for before. It’s not always possible to ask another expert, simply because of the expenses or the moment you need them (online business means 24 hours). In most cases it already helps if you know the basics about Social Media Marketing, the Hair Business, Finance or operations or photography for your new website or facebook page. So it will pay off if you invest some time in a course on training of these subjects. As a business owner you have times that you are running and dealding with 101 things at the same time, but also moments it looks like the world has forgotten you. But you can also more easier plan your schedule and if you on a regular basis invest in education, you will not only become an expert, you be stay one also. Thanks to eLearning you can learn any course on-demand, so you can learn at your own pace, on your own time, and on any device Desktop, Laptop or tablet.

Online Course

We recommend online courses, this will allow you to study when you have time. And nearly every skill can be trained online.. So big chance you can find the course you are looking for.



So the first step is to invest in yourself and become the expert in selling hair extensions and Marketing, Sales, Home business, Finance, Photography, …. or We have a small tool that helps you to find your Strengths,  Weaknesses and the Opportunities or Threats (SWOT). If you see these in one overview it is easier to focus your effort to become better and more unique. If you fill in the form on the right side you will automatically get your SWOT template, for free!

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