Hair Extensions Selling in United Kingdom

How to start selling hair extensions in the United Kingdom


You want to start selling hair extensions, because you love hair and you are great with people. But where should you start and what if you do not have too much money to spend.

With five questions we will help you to start your own hair business, you do not have any excuse anymore not to start selling!

I want to sell all the type of hair available!

Wrong, it´s better to focus on one type of hair extensions for example Cambodian or Vietnamese and to become the expert on this. You can offer weave, clip ins or tape in but focus on one type of hair. This will allow you to compete on service and not on price and will keep you in business longer.

I do not know what my target clients want

Listen, all you have to do is to listen to your target audience, to find out what they are looking for. First of all investigate the general demand in the United Kingdom for hair extensions, Use information from your chamber of commerce,the United Nations or google trends. For the United Kingdom, which has according to the United Nations the biggest hair demand of the European Union, with an growing interest for clip ins and fusion hair extensions.



With this information you can perform a market survey by talking to people that might be interested in these hair extensions products. Prepare a list of questions that will help you to find answers not only on what type of hair they are interested in, but also how you should market your product and what kind of after sales services your clients are looking for. Do not forget to thank the people you interviewed, give them a small present and ask for their email address to contact them when you are in business.

I do not have the money to start

There is always money for great ideas. Because now you know what your clients are looking for it is time to get some samples and to buy your first stock of hair extensions. If you have a daytime job try to save a little and if you want some extra cash consider a small loan, from family. It is also possible not to borrow direct from your family but to ask them to help you to get a small loan, for example with the Quick Cash Club.

The Quick Cash Club offers so called ¨guarantor¨ loans are different. Instead of a bank or loan company determining whether you’ll be able to pay the money back, it’s your friends or family who make the decision. If they believe you are good for the money, they can agree to be added to the loan agreement and if you fail to make repayments, they must do so on your behalf. This is a flexible way of financing your startup and a great solution if you do not have a bad history of credit or no history at all.

I do not have a shop

There are a lot of great designers who want to help you. To show your great hair that you know people are really interested in you need to have an outlet, a real shop or a web shop. So design a good website with user friendly navigation. You can design it yourself but in many cases the investment in a professional web designer directly pays off because you will attract more visitors. Thanks to a company like The Design Crowd you can get designs from many top designers without the obligation to pay for it. You only pay for the one you select. Now you can also get a GBP 30 discount on your design.

You spent a lot of time, energy and money in setting up your product offering and website, now before you tell the world you want to be sure you will be open 24/7. Make sure you go for a reliable hosting company with a low downtime and a high level of service. Bluehost offers hosting services with free domain and money back guarantee plus you can benefit now from the cheap US dollar to get a quality service for a low price. You can also benefit from the special offer from GoDaddy for a website for less than 1 pound.




Nobody comes to my shop

Why not, did you tell them about your shop? People like to see good products and they are always interested in something new. But they need to find this off course!

You need to promote your shop and that´s easy because you can already start with your friends and the people you interviewed. Build a mailing list, a mailing list is Gold for every business, because with a mailing address you have already one foot between the doors of your client. They will know who you are and if you email them on a regular basis with some new arrivals or special offers (Valentine!), they will think of you when they want to buy new hair extensions. Make sure you do not violate any spamming law, so use a trusted email provider, like Aweber. This will also allow you to send out a sequence of emails to your email subscribers, which will help you to focus on your business while maintaining customer contact. Register for our newsletter to stay informed with all the tips and insight you need to know to successfully start and launch your business.

I tweet and post every day but nobody buys

Social media is about being social, not about the highest number of shout outs. A twitter, Instagram or Facebook account is free to set up, but need to be maintained for the best results. Through your social media you can reach easily a lot of people with your offers, but you should really invest in building a relation with your clients. Do not only tweet special offers ¨two bundles one for free”, etc. But interact with your followers. Retweet, comment and do not forget to thank them if they commented on your posting. A good way to manage your social media is by tools like Hootsuite. These tools allows you to keep an overview of your social contacts, to share messages in an automatic way so you can interact with your followers when you are selling extensions to a client or out of the office.

Clients start to visit their hair dressers more often, do not miss this

A survey from Salon Services shows clients are spending less on their visit to the hair salon, but they return more often. This gives you an increased number of contacts to offer your clients your product offering. Be ready for this an keep your client loyal by rewarding their loyalty using special offers or discounts. 1 out of two hair business use Facebook to contact their clients online, but do not forget the very popular Pinterest or Instagram. And… the men are getting more interested in hair too. They are willing to spent more, read our suggestions for this market.! See the complete survey here!


You are in business now, in five questions.

Do not miss the great chances the UK market is offering in 2014 and check our eBook or other support for your own hair extensions business.


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