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How To Sell Hair Extensions

Soon you will talk to hair suppliers, receive samples, feel the silky hair, put it to the test and find the best hair for your store. Now you can start selling hair extensions. Finally turn your dream into reality. Open your own hair store and make others look and feel good. How does it feel to give others a confidence boost thanks to your hair brand! Have more fun and, get prepared to start selling in time! There is so much to do, and so little time before you receive the hair. Now you must start to:

  • sign up for social media,
  • decide on your own hair brand name,
  • publish pictures of the hair,
  • combine your unique bundle offers,
  • talk with your friends to model or
  • organize a photoshoot,
  • open your webstore
  • plan events

And much more …. Create your own unique selling offering, from marketing campaigns, via the order process to sell hair and after sales. Do not forget at the end of the day to close the books and to start counting your money.

Complete Package to Start a Hair Extensions Store

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