Are You Happy With Your Hair Extensions Sales?

My tips for you

Thanks for your comment on my post “Are You Happy With Your Sales”

I really appreciate this. Here you get the 6 tips I have for you to tackle a struggling hair sales. Feel free to copy paste them, or use them for inspiration for your own specific situation. I would love to know how creative you are.


TIP:  Share a small and nice present if you do a marketing survey. The response will be much higher, thus the findings of you survey will be much more reliable. Now you can make the best decisions on what hair your clients really like and what price, payment and shipping conditions they are willing to accept.


TIP: Here the magic of hair sample comes in. Share a free sample of your finest hair, it does not have to be much. Wrap it and give it to your potential client together with a friendly written note. If you ask them later about their opinion of the hair, big chance they will be very much interested to buy a full head!


TIP: Communicate about “the risk” items will be sold out. If your clients know the hair extensions or beauty product they like, will be sold out for some time, they will not like that. They will buy the hair more faster, just to be sure not to be short on the hair or products when they need it. Make sure you also communicate in your marketing messages new stock has arrived. This avoids your customers will start to look for alternative suppliers. 


TIP: Ask everybody who visits your store, salon or online shop to become friends on Facebook. This will give help you to become friends and to see when important events happen (wedding, birthday, or any thing they share). Show your interest. It takes time, but if you allocate an hour per week the result will be already amazing. Try to find areas of similarity and give genuine compliments. This will double the chance for a successful hair dales!


TIP :Work with genuine testimonials. Ask your happy customers to share their experience with you and on your website or social media. You can even reward your customers with a nice present if they leave a review. You can also ask somebody, like me, to do an interview with you. If people want to talk with you about your hair bizz, you must be the best place to buy hair!


TIP: Use your social media more active, do not only share your bundle deals but get people talk about your hair and share comments. If people leave a good review on Facebook, nothing bad to share this on Instagram too. It’s not easy but pays of very well. Once people see your hair is something their friends are talking about, they will be interested too.

More ideas to increase your hair sales

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