Question: Hi, my name is V. My website is I started it one month ago online. I did research, I made a website, I found a vendor in China, I paid people for advertisement through Instagram, and I have not gotten one sale. None! I don’t understand why. Do you see something that I’m missing?!!

Answer: Very good to read you did your research. So you know what kind of clients you want to support to feel and look good. Did you make a profile of this client, so you know what, next to the hair, your clients are interested in? If you advertise, on Google or Instagram make sure your name pops up on these sites and accounts where your clients are interested in. You also mention you have a website and I visited your site. Technically the website is ok, but the site is very difficult to find for people who are not familiar with the name of your shop. What are the keywords your clients normally use to find hair extensions. If you use these key words to enrich the text and pictures of your website, inclusing the metatags, the number of visitors will increase. It will take some time, because the search engines like Google or Yahoo have to pick up your site.