A shop full of hair extensions, different textures, different lengths and everything available that’s what most of your clients are looking for. But how much money can you afford to keep all this stock in the house? And what if it takes a long time before your 24 and taller lengths are sold. You can´t spend money that is invested in stock.

So what would be the right balance between an inventory at hand that you can use to satisfy the needs of your clients at the moment they want to buy and a limited amount invested in your stock.

First of all start to make sure you keep record of your inventory. This will learn you over time the required level of stock. You will see over time at what occasions or seasons a specific time of hair is in demand. Knowing this you can anticipate on this when purchasing hair.

Also if you do not want to sell a no, you can buy smart lengths. This is buying lengths that will allow you offer two lengths; all you have to do is to talk the client into the right length or texture.

Make sure you always have some 14 inch, 18 inch and 22 inch of length in the house. If your client is looking for 12 inch for example, she can buy the 14 inch and trim it to the right length. You can decide to offer her a small discount if she buys the taller length, but do not be surprised your client is so much in buying hair she will except the beautiful 14 inch just like that. The same goes for the 18 inch for clients looking for 16 inch.


If your client is in the mood to buy new hair, she does not want to wait; this helps to let her decide to buy a longer length. But sometimes it helps to offer her a small compensation, a discount or free hair product.

Based upon your experience you can also keep taller lengths at hand, but this depends on the needs of your clients.

For the texture, it´s mostly wavy or natural curly that is in demand, but keep an eye on the celebs. They will tell you what will become hot, so you can anticipate deep curls if famous celebs suddenly change her style into deep curls.

And check for hair extensions suppliers who are able to keep enough hair in stock themselves. This will reduce your own stock.