Question: Is starting your own hair business ethical when you are a single mother with limited funds?


Answer: First of all, respect for what you are doing. The hair business has potential to support women, all over the world, to make some extra money and to gain financial independency. If you plan your business, step by step, you will be able to invest little and to earn extra money. No need to invest in an expensive webshop or site, start with social media to have a place potential clients can find you. No need tobuy a lot of hair to have at hand. With a smart stock at hand you can start selling without blocking your money in inventory.

Visit hair salons or stylist nearby and work together to create mutual clients. You deliver the hair and they do the install and fixing. There are quite some women who combine the care of their kids with selling hair. Some of them even study also. Starting a hair business this way will generate resources you can use to support your loved ones.