The best way to lose track when you are looking for a hair wholesaler is to simply open your tablet and to type in the Google or Yahoo search block ¨wholesale hair extensions¨. You will find millions of results in less than a second, but you are not going to find what you are looking for!


And why not, just because you will find all the websites, blogs and social media that use the word ¨ wholesale hair extensions¨ but now you still have to visit these sites one by one. And this you can do for the first five or six search results, but not for the millions others. So a big chance you will miss that supplier that can deliver the best extensions you are looking for to satisfy the needs of your clients. People even write eBooks about this.


You have to realize that in general a website will be number one in Google because this site is relevant for others; so many other websites refer to this site. But that does not necessarily mean this website delivers the best products, or at least it does not have to be the best for you specific requirements. It neither gives insight in how the wholesaler is organized from an operational point of view or how big or small this supplier is.


So you need to do some more homework. To start you should not open your tablet or laptop right away, but you should take some time to think what you are exactly looking for. You should refine the search you are going to perform, based upon the wishes you noted from your clients. A famous quote from Thomas Edison is ¨Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.” But let´s start with the inspiration otherwise you will only sweat without any success.
If you formulate your search task in Google more specific the number of results that will appear will be less also, but that´s good because in worst case you will still have hundreds of thousands of results. So rethink of the wishes from your clients, the interviews you performed and the unique selling point you want to offer.


So write down or key in a list of the terms that describe the best your clients are looking for, and the fun thing is that will also help you to improve the score for your own web shop as you should incorporate these words when setting up your web site but also, not only in the technical part like (title, URL or meta tags) but also in your content, your blog and the articles or explanations you place on your website.


The good thing is a search on the internet can be as tailor made as you want, it is even possible to type a full sentence as a search term. For example ¨I am looking for a hair extensions wholesaler of Brazilian clip in hair extensions¨ or any other sentence.


Armed with this information you will be able to limit the results of your search significantly to more relevant web shops, but sorry, you still will have quite a number of websites to check.



The next step will be a live search and we will share with you the results, if you already have some specific terms of your own share these terms with us and we will work them out if time allows us.