You can simply increase the number of your online deals by spying on the bestselling shops of the web.

The best school on how to improve your sales and business can be found on the market, learn from how others do and modify this to your own situation and …. be different!

A company that has practically invented online selling is Amazon, so it pays off to check how they have designed their site en order flow.

  1. Free shipping, the change you´ll lose a client before she finalizes the purchase is more than 50% if she is unhappy with the shipping charges. So Amazon did get rid of most of them.Amazon ShippingTip: Calculate your shipping costs and average order volume well and offer free shipping above the purchase that covers your average shipping cost, or analyze the various couriers and their conditions, sometimes a regular envelope is cheaper.
  2. Onsite Product reviews. People are very sensitive what others think of the product they want to buy, so Amazon uses onsite reviewsas you can see. Amazon Reviews for you use Social Media, for example Facebook to collect reviews and reward clients for their opinion. You do not have to place all negative and brand killing reviews, but make sure it gives a realistic view of the product you offer. The more reviews, the better.
  3. Cross selling related products. Improve your sales and increase the products a client buys when they are in the buying mode. Amazon makes sure you can always see what others bought. Cross Selling ExampleSo if the client is happy because she found and selected what she wanted, you help her again by showing useful add-ons. In case you offer free shipping above a certain amount you also help your client to save on shipping expenses.

If you think it is difficult to be different from a giant like Amazon and you will never beat their marketing strategy, check this:

  1. Focus, Amazon offers more products then many other retailers can compete with. For Hair Extensions they offer over 70 thousand different products. But perhaps it is even overwhelming and you can use this to focus on your product offer. Amazon Hair Extensions Offer70.000 types of Hair ExtensionsDo not sell everything for everybody, but sell your expertise and the best hair of the web. Not all the hair, but a specific niche. It sounds odd, but most customers hate to choose, especially if there is a very broad offer. If you offer less, there is a big change your clients will buy more!”
  2. You have passion for beauty? Show it with your website design. It is clear Amazon has passion for selling, but you are in the feel and look good business. So make sure your clients feel your passion the moment they land on your website. Use the expertise of a good hosting company, like Bluehost, with many templates and tools to tailor made your web shop and transfer the passion you have onto your potential clients with a state of the art website design. Remember, your website is the first they will see and if this looks tangled what about the hair you are selling?
  3. You can do what Amazon can´t. Use Selfies of your clients to show how happy people are after buying your hair extensions. Next to the selfies high resolution pictures of the hair extensions are very important of course. You can never show too many pictures, but make sure your do not burry and lose the client with your pictures.
  4. Know you client! Work on your client relationship, make sure you know your clients personally and share tailor made offers with them. If you use email platforms like Aweber you can segment your mails, so if you have clients who really like a certain type of product or style, mail only them tailor made messages.

Now go the web and beat the competition, if you have any question related to this topic, please feel free to contact us on Facebook or Twitter!