What are the 6 necessary skills for one to be successful in the hair business?

Please read the 6 necessary skills to be successful in the hair business. If you have a day time job, you might be dreaming of being your own boss. But there are some skills you need to have, or you need to train yourself to be successful.

One Finish what you start

What kind of person are you? Do you have a million ideas but hardly finalize what you started? You cannot start a business initiative and leave it on the shelf before it is ready. Being your own boss, means hard work, even if there is nobody to tell you to finish your work.

Two Be able to sell

If you are your own boss you have to sell everything, every day. There is no hierarchy between you and the customers, the market or your suppliers. Instead of giving an order, you now have to find ways to convince others to not only be interested in your ideas, suggestions, products, visions. But also to make them pay for it. Thus be able to show you believe in what you offer.

Three Be a top communicator

At school they teach you to do maths, to read or about the history of your country or people. But did they teach you how to communicate? Did you had lessons in listening well to other people? One of the necessary skills to be a successful entrepreneur is to communicate like no other person. The biggest difference between us, a s human beings and animals is our ability to communicate. But we are so bad in it. If we talk to another person, how many times you notice you are preparing your own answer, instead of listening to the fear, excitement or needs of the other person? It’s so difficult to tell what the other exactly told you, just because you were not listening.

You need to listen to your clients, to be able to support them with their needs and not what you want to sell.
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Four Master your time?

Life is full of making decisions, and being your own boss is not different. Of course you need to think through any action you plan to execute. But if it takes you ages before you come to a decision, only because you prefer to have 100% certainty, it will not work.

Not only will you never find 100% certainty, there is always the risk it will not work out the way you planned. You will also lose too much time in planning and thinking about all the alternatives. Time, more than money is scarce if you run your own business. Treat it like gold and do not waste it.

Next to being able to take decisions you also need to be able to plan your days and weeks. Good time management will make you successful in everything you do.

Five Be the boss

You are in charge, and you are the one who will make the final decision. Are you going to expand, are you going to buy this hair or hair from another supplier. If you do not have the courage to be the boss, it will never work. As mentioned before, you need to make decisions, even if there is no certainty. Do you have this courage?

Six, Learn from your mistakes and success

You need to learn, from everything that comes on your path. Learn from everything that comes on your path. Plan time in your busy agenda to learn new things, to analyze new trends in your industry and do not forget to learn from unhappy clients! They will tell you exactly what you can improve.

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