All over the world this is the time to say thank you to your mother. If you run a hair store this is a great opportunity to help your clients find what they need to show their mothers how grateful they are. Read how to sell more hair thanks to Mother’s day

Here are a few creative Mother’s Day business ideas for hair business owners:

1. Help your client to find a present for the mother that has it all! Share suggestions for children, spouses and others looking to buy something for Mother, but have no clue what to buy! Have a special flyer within reach.

2. Offer a special combination of products or services for moms, offered at a discount over each item purchased .

3. Free gift-wrapping is always handy and welcome (especially for busy spouses with limited time to sneak away to wrap mom’s gift).

4. Create an event for children to come inside your store and select items for mom. Offer a special discount to children, or offer a special low-priced selection to kids. This will bring spouses into your business that may also be looking for a gift.

5. If you’re offering a service, consider creating a tangible gift that a spouse or child can wrap up to give to their mothers. Ig you are a salon, you can offer a gift basket with the purchase of a hair treatment.

6. As the entrepreneur, if you know your customer or client is a mother, why not recognize them with a special gift, card, or invitation?

7. Host a special event for mothers at your store. Make it a big event (and kid friendly) as to drive traffic and interest.

Let me know in the comments if you are a mother yourself. Happy Mother’s day from me too and a free website if you select a domain name on the hair store name page!