¨Hey, beautiful hair you have! ¨ That´s great to hear, right? Especially from a complete stranger. But this is a golden opportunity to start a great conversation to win a potential client for your shop.

But how do you invite her to your website, salon or shop? Hand over your business card and say goodbye?

Better to prepare a speech of 30 seconds to a minute long. Big chance you do not have more time to catch the attention of the other person. In this post you´ll find 6 steps you can practice to make the perfect sales pitch. A pitch to turn the enthusiastic stranger into a new client!

1. First of all, prepare your speech on paper. Write down everything you want to share:
– your experience in this field,
– the feedback you get from your clients,
– your opinion on hair trends,
– the extensions your sell and
– everything that is interesting for a new client.

Then grab a red pencil and start to delete everything that is not essential for your sales pitch. Remember less is often more!

2. Reduce your message to what you have to offer. What makes your hair products unique and why she should try your shop or salon
3. Be sure to address your speech to the needs of the other person. Avoid telling what you want, but try to imagine what the other person is looking for. To understand her needs, you can consider to draw the profile of your perfect client first. No need to tell it took you rather long to find the right hair supplier. But yes share the positive feedback of your clients as published on your website

4. If you are happy about the speech, read it out loud and listen to yourself. Be sure the story is appealing to hear. Try to steal a smile when the listener recognizes herself or her needs in your speech. Make sure your speech sounds like a natural conversation, not like a radio commercial.

5. The next step is to position you in front of the mirror and to practice the speech. Is the flow of the conversation relaxed and natural? You can also ask your friends or family to support you and to listen to your speech. The best speech does not sound like a speech but like a spontaneous talk, with a lot of passion in it!

6. Prepare two of three different versions of your speech. This will help you to prepare yourself for specific situations. For example if there is less time to finish your speech because a third person joins the conversation. Or in case after you finished your speech there is only silence.
Last but not least, do not forget the importance of body language. Look the other person in the eye, be confident and smile! After all you are selling a beauty product, no insurance policy!
It is possible as you can read from feedback I received

¨I took your advise, yesterday afternoon l spotted an beautiful looking black woman with a matted weave and I decided to approach her. l mention to her that l retail hair extensions and she immediately ask me for some pictures and a business card, l was really surprise how easy it was to get a reaction!!¨

You want this experience too, feel free to share with me the number of people you have turned into clients with your sales pitch! Leave a comment below, or if you need help to write your own elevator pitch let me know!