I agree it sounds odd, but the best way to sell more hair extensions is when you are not selling hair. I do not mean you should stop selling, but you should put the interest and needs of your ideal client first.

Relationships sell more

You already know word of mouth is one of the most successful marketing tools your brand can have to sell more hair extensions. Most people listen better to their friends or relatives for advice than to a sales person. And why not? Your friend has an interest to keep the relation good, while the salesperson only wants to get your money!

The keyword is ‘relationship’. You can not sell your hair only to your friends. You need to build a relationship with more people all your potential clients. Your ideal clients. This means above all, you need to be there for their needs in the first place. You have to listen to their needs, understand their doubts, remember their birthday or other special event! Show genuine interest. Suggest solutions, even solutions that are not on your shelf or webstore. By doing so, you will earn their trust and they will come to you to buy the hair they want. You will sell more hair extensions.

Joan wants to buy from you

Understand the needs of your ideal client

No need, to discuss the hair extensions or your other services every time you see your ideal client. Even your blog postings should not only talk hair, but also mention the other things in life. Understand who your ideal client is and what they deal with during the day. Publish a post about these things too. Do not start to blog about everything that happens. Your focus should be on the hair. Also publish every now and then about working mums or how to install an app.

Sell more hair extensions

A strong relationship between you and your ideal client will also work when the competition approaches them. Your ideal clients will be less interested to buy hair from others. A lower price for the hair, will not make them change brand anymore. They will prefer to keep on buying from you, because you are not selling hair! You are their friend and you will sell more hair extensions!