Question: Hi, My name is Bianca & I would like to to start selling hair extensions… But I don’t know what to do to get started.

Answer: Try to start with the last part of starting your own hair extensions business, and that´s selling the hair to clients. The best way to get a growing business is to make sure you get happy clients, happy clients that will return to your shop the next time they need extensions.

You can keep a survey at the mall, some interviews, with potential clients, what do they like in extensions, where do they get their hair from and how much are they spending. But also what is it they do not like in the service or offer from other shops.

You can also make it more attractive and interactive and organize a party. Buy some samples, this will allow you to share some various types of hair that your potential clients can buy. If you organize a hair extensions party, you can get real life testimonials and ask additional questions if you want to know more about the reason clients like or don´t like some hair.

Do not forget to ask for contact details, both for the interview at the mall and the party. These contacts may become your first clients!