Question: I am interested in how to sell hair extension, as I know this is a great business. I have read the reviews and is very impressing. I can be contact at


Answer: Thanks for your email and indeed selling hair extensions is a very great business, because you can combine passion for beauty, making other people feel good and making money together.

Before to start your own business, so before you start to buy hair samples or contact customers, you need to ask yourself ¨Am I ready to become an entrepreneur?¨ Do not only ask yourself the question, but also some friends or relatives. Ask them to be frank and honest, questions like:

  • Am I creative to find solutions that will come on my path
  • Can I make tough decisions on my own, can I handle to take care of risks
  • Am I open for the advice of others, but capable of making my own decision at the end

Check for more our eBook ¨From Dream to your Own Hair Business, in Only 10 Days¨ or follow our training. Here you will also find a SWOT analyses to find first your Weaknesses and Threats to turn them into Opportunities to become the bestselling hair shop!

If you are ready with the above, you can start to look what your clients are looking for, using a market survey for example.