Did you know you can sell existing clients much more, than you do today by just starting a conversation? Regardless if you have a salon or sell hair extensions its pays off if every time you look for an excuse to start the conversation.

Interest generates sales!

It´s normal when you get a new client or contact to allocate time to get to know each other and to find out what they are going for, what kind of hair they want, the style and their experience with the competition. You will use this information to offer them a service or extensions that perfectly will fit with their needs.

But many times, when you know the client for some time, when they are regular buyers, the automatic pilot starts. But this has the risk you miss selling opportunities. Things change in people’s life and with that the need for your products.

So find out what has been happening and what kind of style they want, if they want new volume or another length. If you use this opportunity they will like the interest you show for them and you are able to talk them into new products they otherwise did not think of buying.