Question: I was thinking about joining the business of selling hair , any advice you would like to share ?

Answer: The steps we advise are:

  1. The First step is all about your dream; you have to know if the idea of being a shop owner is only a little flirt or a real dream that can make you very successful.
  2. The Second step is to practice the most important skill if you want to start a business, the capacity to listen.
  3. Third step is to prepare your first interview with potential clients. Because you need to be sure you know what your clients exactly are looking for. Once you know exactly what your clients are looking for, you also know what kind of supplier you need to look for.
  4. The Fourth step is to work out everything you learned up till this step.
  5. Analyze your competitors as step Five
  6. And define your Unique Selling Point in step Six. You need to be different to be successful!
  7. Step Seven is to work out what and how you are going to offer your product
  8. Step Eight will be about places. How are your clients going to find your (web) shop?
  9. Do not forget the ninth step to analyze the figures and to predict the future
  10. So at Ten you are ready to open your business! Good luck!

Check out our eBook for more support on these steps.

The first step could be to talk to some girls and women near you who might be interested in buying hair extensions. Have a nice talk with them and try to ask them all kind of questions about:

  • how many times a year they buy extensions
  • their experience with other shops, what do they like and what does upset them if buying extensions
  • what is more important for them, the price, quality or service
  • the type of hair they are interested in.

It also can be of use to check if more shops are selling hair extensions near your place, what kind of extensions they are offering and the way they approach their customers.

You could try to start with samples, in some cases you can get them for free or at a low price from hair wholesalers. Use these samples and a color-ring to show your potential clients the products you are selling and only buy the extensions after your clients paid you first. With the money you received you can purchase the hair from a supplier. In most cases you need to buy a minimum quantity to get wholesale prices (cheaper) so you should try to get more clients interested in your hair and place your order at the supplier at once.