To sell hair extensions online is not easy, because your clients will miss the opportunity to let the hair glide through their hands or to hold it next to their face, as they can do in the salon.
You can search the internet for pictures of hair extensions that will give a good presentation of your own products, but these pictures will not give your clients the right look and feel experience.
Or you can take your Compact Camera and make a photoshoot with some clients. You´ll have fun, but will the hair show it´s real beauty?
So, what to do? Get an experienced hair model to wear and show your hair. Let her make the moves and frame them in great pictures or on tape. Chelsea will make the hair get alive and your clients can imagine more better how the hair will fit them.
If you want to make your clients fall in love with your hair extensions or wigs, ask Chelsea Powell to boost your sales! You can also follow Chelsea Powell twitter account