It takes a lot of your effort, in money and in time to get a new client to find your shop. But what about your existing clients, they already know how to find you and all you have to do is to keep them happy and to help them to buy from you again (and again). The main thing is of course the quality of the hair extensions, but as this is your core business you will take care of that by nature. But how can you be sure the next time your client wants to buy extensions, she will be coming back to you?

Make sure she will not forget you and just give her an extra reason to buy from you, and the great thing is this will not cost you extra money. Because you will save on marketing expenses otherwise needed to find new clients.

Why don´t you organize an incentive scheme; just help your clients to buy from you again by offering them a discount if they buy from you again. For example if they made their 4th sale with you, you can give them a nice discount or you give them free hair. As long as they are happy with the hair, they will be less interested to look around for another shop. A lot of paper work and frustrating discussions about the number of times they bought before?

The solution
Do not be afraid, an awesome solution is a Loyalty Cardicon, a great product like for example from Any Promo, share this card with the client every time they buy from you. Print on the card what the rules of the loyalty scheme, for example if they earned 4 cards (after 4 purchases) they hand over the cards and you give them the discount or gift. Next to the incentive to buy from you, the advantage of a card is there’s no discussion about the number of times they bought from you. As long as they return the number as mentioned in the rules it´s okay and nobody needs to keep record of this because a discussion will only upset your client, while you prefer them to be happy, right?

TIP: Why don´t you add some maintenance instructions on the Loyalty Cardicon , just to be sure your clients stay happy as the hair will last longer.



Good luck with your increased sales!