If you are looking for what products your target clients are looking for you can use a couple of tools provided by google

Google allows you to analyze how often a certain search term (one word or a combination) is used and even provides this information over time and geographic location.

The great advantage of this is, next to the fact that it is 100% for free, it helps you to find what potential clients are looking for. And if you adapt your offering to this, a greater number of visitors will find your shop or blog, because you offer what they need!

The combination we used is google trends and google adwords. If you have a free google account you will be able to use both free tools.

To find out what are people looking for, what they are searching for on the internet, we started to using google trends (previous google insight). You simply start to type the product you are interested in (or better your clients), for example say ¨clip in hair extensions¨. And after you pressed the enter button you will find a display with a graph showing the evolution of the interest in this search term (for clips in hair extensions the interest is surely growing!) and also for what locations. A very handy table shows you related search terms. Like ¨weave clip ins¨ or ¨clip in hair, with also the indication how popular these words are. Now you can refine your search by adding more products or to zoom in the words that are very much related to your initial search term. By spending some time on Google Trends you will be able to find the specific products, but also the search terms your target clients are looking for.

The next step is to use google adwords to get even more insight in how many people are looking for certain products and to see how much competition you can expect. You can use the tools of google adwords even without starting to publish adverts on the internet. Google adwords allows you to help finding the search terms that will bring in the most traffic, the number of searches performed on for example your clip in hair extensions. You now will have the possibility to see how many searches are performed on a monthly basis in a specific area and how many others are trying to offer similar words to attract clients. If for example you chose a word that has a lot of interest, but also a high level of competition it will be very hard to be found by your clients only on these words. You should focus on words that are more unique have lower competition, because the change you will be on number one in google is bigger. And by this the change new visitors who are not looking for your shop but for certain products will find you more easier and faster.