714-indian3-1These days the internet is full of guys looking for awesome Valentines gifts, a gift that will show her how much he cares, a gift that will show he took the time and effort to look for the best.

So make sure on your website you offer these guys to help. Make it an extra service to help them to select the hair their girlfriends want. Become their personal shopper!

There are only 5 steps you have to take!

1 Place a banner on your home page that makes it clear you offer special help for men looking for gifts for her!

2 Adapt your key words or meta tags and include search terms like: a present for my wife, romantic gifts my wife, gift my wife, etc.

3 Use social media accounts men use, like cars, movies and sports and offer your service to find the most romantic gift.

4 Offer a special service, Valentine Shopping Service and help them in their decision making process, let them know what women want! You will quickly found out the time you invest in this extra service will be rewarded with new clients

5 And if they still are afraid to buy the extensions, just offer a gift card! So she can spend his money in your shop.

And do not forget your own Valentine