Question: I would like to sell hair extensions for your company or branch please can u help.

Answer: How To Sell Hair Extensions does not sell hair extensions, we do have great hair suppliers that sell hair and are looking for distributors. We do sell products and services to support people who want to launch their hair business. Like the eBook ¨From Dream To Your Own Hair Extensions Business, in only 10 days¨ or hair business plan templates to calculate your sales, profit and cash flow. You can offer these products to your clients and earn up to 75% of the sales price as margin. This will also boost your sales as your clients will purchase more extensions.

If you want to sell hair extensions, please check the wholesale page, we can introduce you, with our VIP membership, to hair suppliers tailor made on the type of hair you want to sell and you can even get samples of hair to check what is the best to sell. Before you contact a hair supplier, you have to investigate what your clients are looking for. What kind of hair and at what price are they interested to buy.