Selling is about satisfying client’s needs, sometimes these needs are very clear for the client, but sometimes their needs are not that clear and the client needs help in identifying her needs. It´s here where you as a sales person can help your client to offer a product that will solve their needs. If your client has a party next week and she does not know what to wear, changing her looks with hair extensions can make that choice much more easier.
It´s very, very important you know your product, you can only sell with confident, if you know the hair extensions and their ins and outs. Try, wear, wash, style them yourself before you sell them. If you are not 100% convinced about your product, how will your client be? Make sure you transfer the knowledge also to your client and give them advice on how to deal with the hair extensions after they bought it (for example washing instructions).

But you should not only know your product, you should also know your client. In a shop or when you visit people in their home that´s more easier, but even online you should know your client. Online you do not have to know the individual clients, but you should know the group of people that can become your clients. There are several insight tools available online to tell you who is interested in your product or web shop with data on; age, location, search term etc..

Sometimes you can obtain a better insight in your potential clients online than on the streets. Which client will tell you her age and exactly which products she has checked in your store ? In your web shop she will.

Use as much as information you can get about your client (group) and use this to help them in their decision making process.

Once you have contact with a client, make sure you keep in control of the selling process, try to keep the contact, even if the client does not buy anything, give her a business card, a sample or anything to remember your name and products. Online you can advise them to like your Facebook page or to follow you on twitter or similar media. And make sure you keep your social media up to date.

And be proactive, the art is to be at the right moment, with the right product in front of your client.


•Make a clear product offering
•Select carefully your target group
•If you do not know them, look for relations that might know them
•Approach them in a personal way with a clear offer